Burrp! turned 1

What’s Burrp? Burrp’s an Indian website where you can find and share your views on local stuff such as restaurants, bars, nightlife, street food, juice centres, desserts, bakeries, etc. Started in Mumbai, it currently serves Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata.

On Aug 15th, Burrp turned 1. The very nice Meenakshi Goveas who works for burrp in Bangalore invited a bunch of local bloggers,burrpers (people who review for burrp) and blahers (people who write for burrp). It was a small, pleasant gathering. The birthday party was organised at Brewhaha in Koramangala. While it was nice to get an invitation because of the blog you write, it was nicer to meet other local bloggers and reviewers; each one of them having varied interests and passions. More here. Thanks Meenakshi!

The next time you want to read up about a local place before you go there, feel free to visit Burrp and read their reviews. Or if you want to post a review, you can do that too.

PS: If you find articles written by a ‘Chitra’ in Burrp Bangalore, well that is NOT me. :)

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