R2I – 1 Year and counting (Part 1)

Yes folks, it has been a year since we returned. We flew into Bangalore in the early hrs of Oct 8th 2006. And there is only word to describe how I feel after a year – bittersweet! Read it here.

RK’s Blog Cartoons

RK is a good ‘blog pal’ of mine. Blog pal because I have not met him in real life. In fact, I have not met most of my blog pals in real life! But, who is to say what is real and what is virtual anymore. To me, my online life is it. Anyway, I digress!

Now that I have a platform to write about other things that are non R2I related, I am thrilled to write about RK’s blog cartoons. I am sure many in the ‘blog circle’ are familiar with his awesome work. But, if you are not, now is the time to grab a cuppa, sit in front of your machine, and enjoy his cartoons. He is immensely talented, has a fantastic sense of ‘clean’ humor, and enviable presentation skills. Every blogger and blog reader will be able to relate with his blog cartoons. :)

Here’s one of his many!

BTW, RK is taking a hiatus from blogging from mid-Nov onwards to pursue his other interests. I wish him the best, and truly hope he will be back. It will be sad to lose RK from the blogging world. You do get used to seeing a few people in your virtual neighborhood, rt?

Eurokids – A Franchisee Operation

Earlier, I had written a review for the Eurokids school that our daughter went to. Overall, she seemed to have a good time and liked her time there.

Having said that, I wanted to share one of our “not-so-great” experiences that might give a complete picture about Eurokids…. Read More Here