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RK is a good ‘blog pal’ of mine. Blog pal because I have not met him in real life. In fact, I have not met most of my blog pals in real life! But, who is to say what is real and what is virtual anymore. To me, my online life is it. Anyway, I digress!

Now that I have a platform to write about other things that are non R2I related, I am thrilled to write about RK’s blog cartoons. I am sure many in the ‘blog circle’ are familiar with his awesome work. But, if you are not, now is the time to grab a cuppa, sit in front of your machine, and enjoy his cartoons. He is immensely talented, has a fantastic sense of ‘clean’ humor, and enviable presentation skills. Every blogger and blog reader will be able to relate with his blog cartoons. :)

Here’s one of his many!

BTW, RK is taking a hiatus from blogging from mid-Nov onwards to pursue his other interests. I wish him the best, and truly hope he will be back. It will be sad to lose RK from the blogging world. You do get used to seeing a few people in your virtual neighborhood, rt?

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  1. I love Rk’s cartoons, he is really good,

    On another note I saw your flickr photos and They are outstanding, Just wanted to say I loved all of them.

    Suresh, welcome to my blog.
    Yes, isn’t RK a riot? :) Thanks for your kind words. I see that you have a blog filled with fantastic pictures. Good stuff!

  2. hi chitra,
    firstly congrats on getting a personal site. has a refreshing look to it!

    secondly, thanks a lot for all those wonderful things you have told about RK. feels great when your works are liked by intellectual friends (like you and many others).

    thirdly, you have a fantastic writing style and your pictures are simply excellent. wish you get them made into a coffee table book. good luck!!

    thanks for all your wishes. till i come back to blog world, will miss all my blog friends.

    take care and regards

    Rk, Thanks man! I adhered to your white BG suggestion. :)
    You deserve all the accolades. You must do more with your cartoons, man!
    Thanks for your words. And COME back! :)

  3. the new blog looks nice.
    I have passed on my tag to you. please take it up if you would like to :)

    Thanks aargee! Sure, now that I have a personal blog, I can do whatever I want. LOL

  4. Good to your new “home”. I am sure you are busy setting it up. Frankly it looks good. I’m sure it’ll get better. O, yes, I keep following RK. Sure we will miss him here.

  5. Nice blog(k)e this guy seems to be!

  6. hi chitra, I am looking forward to reading some great posts from you. I was wondering why you had not written anything in your R21 Blog. Take care

  7. Hey Chitra, lovely new look :) And I agree, you get used to folks in the virtual neighborhood all right!

  8. Chitra,

    Great new look, Congratulations!

    Hope to see many more great posts from you.

  9. Hey .Chits,
    I like the fact that you can write blogs on any topic now instead of only R2I which kind of limited you in a way.

    Btw why have you not responded to my emails. ??.i am really looking forward to hearing from you… bye.


  10. hi chitra,
    once again, thanks for tagging

  11. Hi,
    Happy to announce that you have been awarded.
    Please check my blog for details.

  12. Hi,

    Got your link from RK’s blog. Happy to know that you have been awarded. You have got a nice blog out there :-)

    Keep writing!

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