A Very Happy New Year ’08

07 Sun Set

The Sun’s setting on ’07. Here’s wishing you all a very happy new year 08.

Shot from Raja’s Seat in Madikeri, Coorg.


What does a new year mean to you? To me, personally, nothing much! It is yet another day, another morning, another sunrise. Really, I don’t see it to be particularly different. However, the times where it has made a difference was when I did take up some resolutions in the past and actually stuck to them. :) One of the significant ones that has made a considerable difference to my way of being was when my new year resolution was to be ‘less critical’ …. of everything in general. That included people, situations, surroundings, life! Of course, I didn’t have a specific goal since the resolution itself was pretty arbitrary. But what I did do was to tell my husband on Jan 1st about what I intended to achieve. And he couldn’t be anything but supportive! That many less rantings! LOL. Anyway, I didn’t go about doing anything really very different for a while, but whenever I began to get critical even in my head, I kind of reminded myself of my resolution. Many months passed and somewhere along the line, I had begun to change in this particular regard. Of course I didn’t really know it then, but I did clearly see that I was getting to be a much happier person. And after that year ended, the need to be critical was vanishing and I was beginning to be a newer person. And the dawn of the next year didn’t change anything, I just continued to keep at this one resolution. And over the years, I am quite pleased. :)


And the reason why I kind of decided to take up on that resolution? Well, I had begun to rant and rave so much so that it was eating into my well-being. Till date, I am thankful to this one resolution. :) So, I guess new years can really contribute in big ways. But, it depends on what we are willing to accomplish. And for ’08, well I have nothing on the agenda. Except maybe to blog more (?). :) And I guess now that I am older, it doesn’t matter if it is the 1st of Jan or not that I make a resolve. As long as I have the ability to identify what needs to be changed, the day that I act on it shouldn’t matter at all. What do you think? And what are your resolutions, if any? And what resolutions of yours have you stuck to and accomplished in the past? Do share.


Wishing you all a very grand and joyous New Year! :) Have fun and enjoy!

Hello World! :)

Dear people/readers, I am sorry for having gone AWOL on you all. I had a bunch of things that kind of drove me to my first terrible writer’s block. :) – handling a bunch of other things in my life and then getting super addicted to photography and flickr. And the whole new look of this site – I would visit it and immediately close the browser tab! Some kind of a mental block that!

Anyway, it is winter time here in Bangalore. The typical December weather – the drizzles, the mist, that familiar nip in the air, the wanting to cuddle up with some hot chai, you know what I mean! The near perfectness of all that is beautiful! If this isn’t one of the best things of Bangalore!

While I am talking about what I love about Bangalore, here’s the movie that kind of defines the city for me – ‘Pallavi Anupallavi‘! If you grew up in the 80s, I am sure you know of and very likely have watched the movie! And to be exact, the song ‘naguva naliva‘ song absolutely makes Bangalore! I distinctly remember the guy and the girl walking on MG road, and passing by the then ‘Chit Chat’! Remember that? :) And then of course the house where the girl and her father lived – the old and aging Victorian home with its huge compound!

Here’s a shot of the pori+kadalekai that is so right for the season! :) Enjoy the winters folks! :) And I promise to get back to writing like before!

Spicy Puffed Rice + Peanuts

Ciao and thanks to all those who emailed me/pinged me/scrapped me to check on me! Love you all! :)