A Very Happy New Year ’08

07 Sun Set

The Sun’s setting on ’07. Here’s wishing you all a very happy new year 08.

Shot from Raja’s Seat in Madikeri, Coorg.


What does a new year mean to you? To me, personally, nothing much! It is yet another day, another morning, another sunrise. Really, I don’t see it to be particularly different. However, the times where it has made a difference was when I did take up some resolutions in the past and actually stuck to them. :) One of the significant ones that has made a considerable difference to my way of being was when my new year resolution was to be ‘less critical’ …. of everything in general. That included people, situations, surroundings, life! Of course, I didn’t have a specific goal since the resolution itself was pretty arbitrary. But what I did do was to tell my husband on Jan 1st about what I intended to achieve. And he couldn’t be anything but supportive! That many less rantings! LOL. Anyway, I didn’t go about doing anything really very different for a while, but whenever I began to get critical even in my head, I kind of reminded myself of my resolution. Many months passed and somewhere along the line, I had begun to change in this particular regard. Of course I didn’t really know it then, but I did clearly see that I was getting to be a much happier person. And after that year ended, the need to be critical was vanishing and I was beginning to be a newer person. And the dawn of the next year didn’t change anything, I just continued to keep at this one resolution. And over the years, I am quite pleased. :)


And the reason why I kind of decided to take up on that resolution? Well, I had begun to rant and rave so much so that it was eating into my well-being. Till date, I am thankful to this one resolution. :) So, I guess new years can really contribute in big ways. But, it depends on what we are willing to accomplish. And for ’08, well I have nothing on the agenda. Except maybe to blog more (?). :) And I guess now that I am older, it doesn’t matter if it is the 1st of Jan or not that I make a resolve. As long as I have the ability to identify what needs to be changed, the day that I act on it shouldn’t matter at all. What do you think? And what are your resolutions, if any? And what resolutions of yours have you stuck to and accomplished in the past? Do share.


Wishing you all a very grand and joyous New Year! :) Have fun and enjoy!

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  1. My resolution is to enjoy the adventure of living in India! To not get too critical about those things that will challenge me and to love the differences 😉

    Happy New Year to all!!!!

  2. I think I am inspired by your resolution! I have been pretty awfully critical of many things as well, both in family and outside, mostly actually within my own mind – which is where it causes the most harm. Being less critical is a good resolution to make, one that will not only enrich your own life but others as well.
    Thanks, and a happy new year to you!

  3. Good, resolutions will stay when they are made with a genuine purpose like you did, instead of making it just because it is Jan 1. Being less critical is positive trait and no wonder you are much happier and calmer.

    Wish you a great 2008.

  4. Welcome Back Chits. Ensure you keep up to your resolutions this year. Blog here , as well as on Bangalore Metroblog. Its nice to keep reading.

  5. lovely Chitra.i could’nt agree with you more on everything you said……..being less critical………not needing only new year for resolutions etc…….life deals each one a different hand and who knows we may have been worse than the person/situation we were being critical about had we been in their shoes.

  6. that’s a lovely picture! and a very happy new year to you, chitra. hope you have a great 2008 in store for you :)

  7. For me too, resolutions do not wait for a particular date but happen as I go along and I have noticed that such resolutions are usually successful too rather than the ones I have tried to make in the past succumbing to peer pressure. :)

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