Car-Free Day Sunday, April 27th in Bangalore

Car Free Day

“This Sunday is a ‘Car Free Day’, which is not an attempt to take cars off the street. It is a pattern break. On the lines of the International Car Free Day, it is aimed at encouraging people to think about the impact of their transportation choices and how cleaner, more effective forms of transport can enhance our quality of life.

On the Sixth anniversary of ‘GoCycle’, join the ‘Car Free Day’ movement and contribute to the momentum that will help create a more sustainable future.”

Here are the details:

The specific starting points are given below.

On April 27th, cyclists from all parts of the city will get an opportunity to cycle from one of the four corners of Bangalore city and come together at The Chancery, off M.G. Road where various cycling activities will take place, including a cycling and environmental quiz, cycling races and games. The event will start at 8:30 a.m. and finish by 12:00 noon

Specific starting points:

Jayanagar: It starts off at the entrance of Jayanager Stadium. The cyclists will pass through Ashoka Pillar, Double Road and then finally MG Road.

Sadashivnagar: It starts off at Sankey Tank. The cyclists will pass through Vasanth Nagar, Infantry Road and then finally MG Road.

Kormangala : It starts off at Bethany School Grounds. The cyclists will pass through Viveknagar, Residency road and then finally MG Road.

Cox Town: Starts off at Wheeler Road (opp. Food World, front of Gymkhana). Cyclists will pass through Wheeler Road, Ulsoor Lake and then finally MG Road.

Please use the registration form on the gocycle website to participate.

Get a life

Dr. Arvind Shenoi, our pediatrician

A few months ago, I had written a post asking readers to refer good pediatricians practicing in Bangalore. And there were many responses, thanks to all you folks who referred the peds you liked. Since then, I have had many questions from other readers about whom I had chosen and what my experiences were. For different reasons, we continued to go to our local ped. But last week, I called Dr. Arvind Shenoi’s office and got an appointment at their Vyalikaval office. My son completed 3 years, a month ago and my daughter will soon be 5. So, a perfect time I thought.

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‘Idli’s and ‘Dosa’s come out winners!

According to this news article, a new research concludes that the ‘bathura’s and the ‘paratha’s are more bad for you than the French fries.

*The trans-fatty acids (hydrogenated oils and fats) in French fries (per 100 gm) is 4.2%-6.1%, it is 9.5% in bhatura, 7.8% in paratha and 7.6% each in puri and tikkis.

The findings reveal that the presence of trans-fatty acids in Indian food such as bhatura, paratha, is much higher than the quint-essential “junk” foods and apparently pose a risk for development of diabetes and coronary heart disease in the early 20s and 30s. The good news, however, is that the South Indian snacks of idli-dosa have won hands down in the ‘fat-battle’. They find the protein and carbohydrates, while a morning breakfast of idli-sambar-chiku and coffee had 9.3% protein content in it, the dosa-chutney-papaya-tea had 6.7% proteins.

Doctors, nutritionists and dietitians spelt out the urgent need to ban food with trans-fat content specially because India is home to the highest number of diabetics.

“French fries and dishes made of hydrogenated fat (upto 45% of fat), baked items (biscuits, rusks upto 30% and margarine (upto 15%) are rich in industrial sources of trans-fats,” said B Sivakumar, former director of National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad. But health experts were unanimous on one count. Ban the vanaspati, which has high TFA content.

A couple of years ago when my father-in-law had a by-pass operation, my husband noticed that a lot of people in their 30s and 40s were there for bypass surgeries as well. And a lot of them, apparently, were not obese, did not look unhealthy, and you would have never guessed that their arteries were clogged! And there is no need to wonder at the no. of diabetic Indians. Diabetes, while it is taken for granted, is a killer disease. Anyway, so my advice? Stick to idlis and dosas. 😛

CBSE or ICSE – What to choose?

If you are seeking admissions for your child in Indian schools, you are likely to ponder over the syllabuses to choose from. In this post, I will list what people have to say about the CBSE and the ICSE syllabuses. Since the time Sivabalan, an r2blore reader, listed a few points about the CBSE and ICSE syllabuses, I was on the look out for different views on the subject on the internet and from people who knew enough to compare.

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Ugadi at Hallimane

The restaurant Hallimane, in Malleswaram is known for its true Karnataka cuisine. We have been there a few times times for lunch and snacks and have liked the way they try and keep the taste simple and authentic. For Ugadi, Karnataka’s New Year, the restaurant announced that it was offering a Ugadi spread yesterday and today, both for lunch and dinner. It was going to be an authentic 5 course meal served on plantain leaves. And ‘that’, we had to check it out. So, off we went yesterday for lunch with the kids.

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