’08 Summer??

Summer is here. And you wouldn’t even know it ‘coz it is like the season of the monsoons! This year, south India has had the wettest March in 133 years! It is 10 months since I wrote about the Summer of ’07. And now to see something so completely opposite is almost surreal. It has been like this for 3 weeks now. It is cloudy for the most part, then there are drizzles in the late afternoons and rains at night. The mornings are misty and the Sun is not shining hard on us like how it should it April. I am happy because the temps are very pleasant, but the unseasonal rains are causing havoc. A lot of the crops are destroyed, the farmers are in doldrums and we see that the fruits are expensive. I haven’t seen many jackfruits yet. Last year, they were here in March! The watermelons have not been tasting good at all. The papayas have been mediocre! While I hate the high summer temps, it is still best when things are the way they should be. At least, it would have been easier on the farmers.

On the home front, it is like the kids are home for a small break and not really for the summer holidays. :) But 2 months is really not too long a time. When I was younger, it seemed like the summer vacation would last forever. I distinctly remember awaiting the hols with the knowing that school would be closed forever! But now, even a year seems to pass in a jiffy! It was exactly a year ago that we were getting ready for our daughter to start her LKG and now she is out and will be into UKG. The passing of time, the less said the better. :)

Awaiting Sunshine

Awaiting Sunshine! :)

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  1. Beautiful photograph! How fast kids grow up…seems surreal!
    We in US are feeling the repercussions of the monsoons in India, what with the Indian government placing a ban on rice, atta, curry leaves, dals etc. everything from sona masoori rice to basic toor dal has become dearer and scarce! It would be better to just relocate to India sooner – when even the basic rice and dal are so expensive! Amen to that :-)

  2. Oh I hear ya, Latha! I remember a time in 05/06 when we had to buy dal and stock them because of how scarce it was becoming. I remember having the exact same thoughts then. :)

  3. Hello chitra,
    We r2i’ed just last month. I was wondering if you know of any summer camps in the jayanagar area for little kids.

  4. Sumana, pl try this link to check for events in your neighborhood. http://www.eventsbangalore.net/

    Hope it helps.

  5. Hi Chitra,

    Again, congrats on setting up a great site. I’m planning to return to Bangalore after 8 years living in the UK with 2 kids (boy 9 and girl 7) who’ve grown up here, and there are many things that you’ve mentioned in your blogs that have got me thinking/preparing/getting me organised and keeping my expectations right – I guess the last part is very important.

    About living in Bangalore – please could you give some info about the following:
    – Extra curricular activities for kids both boys and girls in Bangalore i.e. for sports (football, cricket, hockey, athletics), ballet, music (indian, western), gymnastics, trampolining, cycling – where can kids and adults cycle, only lalbagh? etc.

    – Extra curricular activities for adults – dance, music, gym, aerobics

    I’ll really miss the wonderful facilities that are here for kids and adults

  6. Really nice=)but look this:,

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