Car-Free Day Sunday, April 27th in Bangalore

Car Free Day

“This Sunday is a ‘Car Free Day’, which is not an attempt to take cars off the street. It is a pattern break. On the lines of the International Car Free Day, it is aimed at encouraging people to think about the impact of their transportation choices and how cleaner, more effective forms of transport can enhance our quality of life.

On the Sixth anniversary of ‘GoCycle’, join the ‘Car Free Day’ movement and contribute to the momentum that will help create a more sustainable future.”

Here are the details:

The specific starting points are given below.

On April 27th, cyclists from all parts of the city will get an opportunity to cycle from one of the four corners of Bangalore city and come together at The Chancery, off M.G. Road where various cycling activities will take place, including a cycling and environmental quiz, cycling races and games. The event will start at 8:30 a.m. and finish by 12:00 noon

Specific starting points:

Jayanagar: It starts off at the entrance of Jayanager Stadium. The cyclists will pass through Ashoka Pillar, Double Road and then finally MG Road.

Sadashivnagar: It starts off at Sankey Tank. The cyclists will pass through Vasanth Nagar, Infantry Road and then finally MG Road.

Kormangala : It starts off at Bethany School Grounds. The cyclists will pass through Viveknagar, Residency road and then finally MG Road.

Cox Town: Starts off at Wheeler Road (opp. Food World, front of Gymkhana). Cyclists will pass through Wheeler Road, Ulsoor Lake and then finally MG Road.

Please use the registration form on the gocycle website to participate.

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  1. Wishing it all success. Hope more people get the (right) message!

  2. This is great!

    I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. No doubt a great initiative. But my only skepticism is how practical are these. Organising such events is far easier than putting the ideas into practice on a daily basis. Ideas are one thing, practising them is a different thing altogether.

  4. DId this happen . should have posted at how it went.

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