Real life stories #1

I know of an old couple who live by themselves in a typical Bangalore neighborhood. I will call them uncle Y and aunty U. Uncle Y is 80 now and aunty U is 70! And in spite of aunty’s occasional health scares, the two of them managed to take care of their own affairs and lived a fairly peaceful life. Their son’s family and daughter’s family lived nearby and they had them to rely on in times of need.

Uncle Y had no health complaints in particular. He used to go for his walks, run small errands like getting milk, do small grocery shopping etc. One morning, he was on his usual walk to get milk from the dairy. He was about half a kilometer from home, when he passed by a cow. Now, if you are familiar with Bangalore, you will know that animals are not rare on Bangalore roads and we have dogs, cows, chicks, etc. That fateful morning, as he walked on his usual morning route, past the local fruit stall, a cow suddenly gave him a whack with its tail and one of its hind legs. Uncle Y lost his balance and went to the ground in a sitting position. It wasn’t too bad and he managed to somehow get a grip and stand up. The same cow, for some weird reason, decided to give him another push. This time he wasn’t too lucky. He fell down and didn’t manage to get up at all. The fruit stall owner and a doc who was passing by at that time managed to lift him off the ground and get him home in the doc’s car. Poor uncle Y has been through a lot since that fateful morning. He has been in and out of the hospital a few times, once for a surgery and then a few visits for follow-ups. The docs are sounding hopeful of his ability to walk again. But uncle Y is completely shattered. He is in immense pain and is at best able to hobble to the bathroom that is 2 steps away from his bed with the help of a walker. He can just about sit-up. And can’t bathe etc. His current hope is to not end up bed-ridden. At 80, for having been fairly healthy, and for no fault of his, he is paying a huge price. Not to mention the hospital bills!

To top it, he is one of the nicest people I know. The things that happen! I truly hope that uncle Y will be able to walk again and go on to live a few more fruitful years.

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  1. Man.. thats tough… Its also tough to recover at that age… very sad.. wish him all the best

  2. It is state of affairs of many old people. very sorry to note about uncle Y as u mentioned it was really a fateful day for him and it is really pathetic to see a person so active in life to get bed ridden and has to depend on others for everything. that itself will make them half down unless one is mentally tough to overcome this and regain the original strength. hope he one of such type and will recover. who is to blamed for this? is the owner of the cow? or the poor cow? or the soceity?
    any how wish the great man a speedy recovery hope he will be back to his best at least to take care of his household needs.

  3. Yes Vijay, pretty tough on him. :(

    Praneshachar, a very valid question – whose fault is it? Because it is definitely not Mr. Y’s fault for simply using the road! But he is the one paying the price. :(

  4. does make one wonder about this thing called life doesn’t it :(

  5. Very sad Chitra! Hope Unlce Y is recovering steadily. Really stary animals like this are a menace. And dont get me wrong, I am all for animals – but i guess the government needs a better plan to feed and shelter these animals/ or if this cow was privately owned – then that person should pay atleast a part of Uncle Y’s bills! We need a Humane soceity in Bangalore!

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