Participating in Frames of Mind ’08 – A Photography Exhibition

Frames of Mind ‘08 Poster

Exhibit : Frames of Mind 2008
Dates : 29th – 31st August 2008 (10am – 7pm)
Venue : Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Race Course Road,
Adjacent to Chalukya Hotel
Bangalore-560 001
Ph-(080) 22267303/22265746/ 22267421

Inaugural ceremony is at 12 pm on 29th August.

This is Bangalore Photography Club‘s third annual photography exhibition. The exhibition will showcase works of more than fifty artists.

One of my frames, Stacked Colors, is amongst the selected frames for the exhibition. I am likely to be there at some point or the other. Hope to see you there as well.  :)

R2I – No FRO/FRRO registration maybe required for kids under 16 yrs of age

In Jun of ‘07, I had gone to the FRO’s office in Bangalore and the FRO’s office had clearly said how we needed to get our kids registered. But recently, when my husband was returning to India, he noticed what the immigration forms given in flight have to say.

Read more here.

Now that Niketa Mehta has had a miscarriage ….

…. maybe we can all leave her alone. While I understand how important it was to debate the issue, to have the media on her face was very hard to watch. She was going through whatever it was that she was going through, but to be on the media as much as she was must have been terribly hard. It is not easy to hear whatever she had to about the child inside from the doctors/experts. And I really don’t want to give my own personal opinion on the abortion issue. But, for that couple, it was what it was and we failed to respect that privacy. And when I put myself in her shoes, I could sense what she must have been going through. Forget sympathy, lets please be empathetic! Pregnancy is probably that period when you need your own space, especially in the situation that she was in. There is lot of irresponsibility and insensitivity on the part of the media, more so, of late. I don’t even want to get started about the media and the cops in the Aarushi case.

Lets assume the case of  no-miscarriage. What if the child was born? And had learnt of everything at a later stage. Aren’t we all glad then of the mis-carriage itself? I am, for the sake of the unborn child. Maybe the media-intervention caused all the stress and hence the miscarraige? I don’t know! But I am just glad for the couple and their unborn child. Hopefully they will go on to have easier pregnancies and healthier babies.

Tips to traveling light –

Your one stop –

The site is very clear of the biggest universal travel mistake and that is, to over pack. I mean, wouldn’t we all agree? I aim for traveling light, but do I actually – now that is the question. :)

The site offers enough and more tips and tricks to help us pack light to go anywhere and for an indefinite length of time.

1. They make a detailed list of what we must carry and what me must not. Good list that.

At home, we have a generic list too that we use go back to before packing for every trip. With kids, and when we plan a vacation to a remote place, well it is better that we are thorough! At, they even go through how we must make that list – start to finish.

2. They also help us choose the kind of luggage to pack our stuff in.
3. They give tips on how to pack the things that we must! I mean, it cant better, right? :)
4. And they detail out what we must look for just before leaving so that we have no surprises during our travel or during our stay. Also the things we must take care of at home before we lock that door. Awesome!

I hope the site will be of use to you. Happy light traveling!