Now that Niketa Mehta has had a miscarriage ….

…. maybe we can all leave her alone. While I understand how important it was to debate the issue, to have the media on her face was very hard to watch. She was going through whatever it was that she was going through, but to be on the media as much as she was must have been terribly hard. It is not easy to hear whatever she had to about the child inside from the doctors/experts. And I really don’t want to give my own personal opinion on the abortion issue. But, for that couple, it was what it was and we failed to respect that privacy. And when I put myself in her shoes, I could sense what she must have been going through. Forget sympathy, lets please be empathetic! Pregnancy is probably that period when you need your own space, especially in the situation that she was in. There is lot of irresponsibility and insensitivity on the part of the media, more so, of late. I don’t even want to get started about the media and the cops in the Aarushi case.

Lets assume the case of  no-miscarriage. What if the child was born? And had learnt of everything at a later stage. Aren’t we all glad then of the mis-carriage itself? I am, for the sake of the unborn child. Maybe the media-intervention caused all the stress and hence the miscarraige? I don’t know! But I am just glad for the couple and their unborn child. Hopefully they will go on to have easier pregnancies and healthier babies.

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  1. Sometimes it just bothers me that the press goes to town bordering on frenzy in cases like this.. privacy does not seem to be a concern.. only TPRs are..

    Another case in point is the Arushi murder case.. which incidentally is not talked about anymore…

  2. Hi Chitra,

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  3. How true. Media has indeed become extremely irresponsible and senseless too in showcasing the news.

  4. I think i can personally speak out of experience since i know how precisely the child would feel if at all it had come into this world. If i had that chance to go back in time and choose my birth, for all rational reasons i would have choosed to abort myself in the womb.

    Knowingly bringing a defective specimen of a life into this world is the best form of minute and nerve wracking torture you can ever award someone. Forget the torture in hell if you are blasphemous and being burnt in eternity. Hell is right here for someone with disability, its every moment of your life. Its every unfair competition that you have to put up with better things that you are surrounded by and that speck of imperfection and mountain of ugliness that you carry along with yourself every moment of your life to every place.

    You can be politically correct, you can be a nice person and you can be empathetic but that wont change the minute bit of a difference or make things better for someone with disability. You can say all of the nice things, you can be all of the nice people but you are not going to change or fill in what a speck of imperfection someone is, when they get reminded of it 100 times everyday. Everytime when someone holds hands on the beach, everytime when someone runs like a bird on the sea shore along the waves chasing them, everytime when someone unwinds like a snake on a gloriously lit dance floor, everytime when someone is filled with the pleasure of sweat after a good game.

    It makes complete sense to put a stitch at one and save on the nine. As for the Pro-life people, i think they can go **** themselves, they are just anti-woman and they just don’t give a **** what it is to limp around all day long for life.

  5. Vijay, yes not only do they get all riled up when the case is new, but also forget the case the very next day!

    Pradeep, congrats on the new blog. It looks great. And I updated the blogroll. :)

    Meenu, thanks for visiting. And yes!

    Dilip, hugs pal! Thanks for sharing.

  6. just truth nothing but truth. the press or media is going crazy. it is shame on the whole media for making it a fuss and as rightly said by u the miscarriage may be out of stress created by these people. tensions and stress and amount of mental agony gone thro by the couple and more so the wife is just not imaginable. why such mad rush they should hv some moral and ethical responisibility in reporting. it should not becoe a things like u report anything and everything. finally we can god came to rescue of the couple and the to be born child let them get their strength back and wish they wil have a sweet child after some time when she regains her strength and fitness to withhold the assaluts

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