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The site is very clear of the biggest universal travel mistake and that is, to over pack. I mean, wouldn’t we all agree? I aim for traveling light, but do I actually – now that is the question. :)

The site offers enough and more tips and tricks to help us pack light to go anywhere and for an indefinite length of time.

1. They make a detailed list of what we must carry and what me must not. Good list that.

At home, we have a generic list too that we use go back to before packing for every trip. With kids, and when we plan a vacation to a remote place, well it is better that we are thorough! At, they even go through how we must make that list – start to finish.

2. They also help us choose the kind of luggage to pack our stuff in.
3. They give tips on how to pack the things that we must! I mean, it cant better, right? :)
4. And they detail out what we must look for just before leaving so that we have no surprises during our travel or during our stay. Also the things we must take care of at home before we lock that door. Awesome!

I hope the site will be of use to you. Happy light traveling!

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