Happy 2nd Birthday, Radio Indigo

Bangalore’s fm radio station, Radio Indigo 91.9 turns 2 today. And I wish them a very happy birthday and my very best. Why? Because that is the one channel that I am tuned into most of the time and everyday! And the only other channel that I used to listen to was Fever 104. But since the time they undid their unique factor of playing both popular English and Hindi numbers and having RJs talk in English, Kannada, and Hindi, it is only 91.9 Indigo now. If Fever was still the old Fever, the way it was a year ago, I would have been on that station for half of my time. Now Fever is like any other channel dishing out Kannada numbers and some Hindi. Nothing to differentiate them. They had their own niche and now they don’t! It is hard creating a niche, so why get out of it when u had one to begin with! And to provide a little variety is what radio stations should do. The reason why we even have different channels to choose from. I really don’t want this post to be a rant about the FM channel choices in Bangalore, but to be about what a good mature station, Indigo has come to be. WTG guys! :)

The RJs, for the most part, do a very good job of presenting the shows. Each of them has a specific show to run and you know what to expect. And what is wonderful is how they have the ‘classic’ show from 8-12 in the night. A fantastic treat at the end of the day, a nice way to unwind! RJ Geoffrey Thomas does a very good job of hosting the night show. No blabber, he is not in your face, not irritating, and really simply like how an RJ is supposed to be. And most of the Indigo RJs are that – pretty mature. So, overall kudos Indigo RJs and kudos Indigo! :) You guys have changed the scene of the FM radio stations in Bangalore and I am sure a whole bunch of us are very thankful. You do represent the youthful, spirited side of Bangalore.

So, here’s wishing you again a very happy birthday. And wishing you many many more. After all, we do need a station such as yours to go on to have a long life. Continue to give us Goo goo dolls, The Doors, Aerosmith, Seal, Pink, Queen, Sting, Gwen Steffani, Bee Gees or any of those good American Idol guys. :) Love ’em all! And not to forget that you bring us Amerca’s Top 40! Wonderful way to end the week! Thank you!


My earlier post on Bangalore’s FM stations is here.

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  1. Hi Chitra. Seems like a good station. good on them to have survived for 2 years. Wonder if they broadcast on the web too?

  2. And congratulations on your photo exhibit!!

  3. I echo your psentiments here. The kind of music Fever used to play was pretty peppy and was a good mix. Now, they basically sound like every other station (it’s been a few months since I tuned into them.. so no idea how much they have degraded over a period of time). I am sure that the wish to reach greater numbers would have forced the type of music they are playing.

    Indigo does play good music and over time I think they have become “relatable” (don’t here much fake accents these days).

    I truly wish we get more variety on the music that is being played in the airwaves…


  4. Hi Chitra… I randomly surfed onto your blog when searching for something. We have a few likes in common, including our love for Radio Indigo.

    I think now that all the other channels have done their extensive market research and decided in all their wisdom that they need to sound like each other, Indigo probably wins without changing a thing. Although I think some of the RJs can definitely loosen up (while Barker can tighten up!), it’s still the best thing going. Too bad they go rid of Putumayo World Music hour.

    Listening to Indigo when travelling by a Volvo bus is such a Bangalore experience… everyone must try it!

  5. Thanks Ravi. Not sure about them being on the internet. Must check.

    Ganapathy, yes, it is sad what Fever opted to do with themselves.

    Thanks Mahesh for visiting my blog. :) Thanks for sharing about your experiences of Indigo on the Volvo. :)

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