Bangalore’s Thindi Beedhi – Food Street

Thindi Beedhi or ‘Food Street’ is located in V. V. Puram – the street hosts a variety of food stalls where you get some delicious vegetarian food on all evenings from about 6.30 pm onwards. I had never been there, and on a recent Sunday was my first visit with my husband and another couple, who are our good friends. The road is not very long but houses dozens of small shops/stalls. The road is thankfully a one-way street for traffic and this doesn’t make the already narrow street too congested.

Location: Google Maps

Landmark: The VB Bakery end of the road culminates at Sajjan Rao circle.

People on Thindi Beedhi

                   People hanging out on thindi beedhi

We started from the other end of the famous V.B. Bakery – the corn guys have their push carts at this end. We had some unique corn snacks – butter baby corn, American baby corn masala, and a few others. The American baby corn masala was tangy and spicy and very nice for the evening hours. We stopped at the bajji stalls next to try the capsicum, chilly, and raw banana bajjis.The bajjis served here are unique in the sense, they are first sliced into two and the slices are stuffed with  spicy raw grated carrots and onions and are topped of with a dash of salt, chilly powder, and lemon.

See one of the bajji guys busy with making bajjis in the pic below.

Bajji Man

There are a number of dosa joints that make a variety of dosas – dosas are served with coconut and onion chutneys. You can see some of the dosa varieties listed in the pic below. Of course, you have to overlook the spelling! :)  For example, I have no clue what a ‘Bath Masala’ (see in the pic below) could be. And I don’t want to imagine too much. :))

Dosa People

Dosa Guys

The dosas are sold for anywhere between Rs. 15-20/-. All of the food is priced reasonably and an evening out for 2 can easily be done for about Rs. 100/-!

Most Chinese food available here is Indianised. We didn’t try any of the Chinese the evening we went. I am told they are quite delicious too. As we walked back to the end of the street, we tried the jamun and holige(poLi) for dessert. The jamuns were really yum. But I cant say the same for holige.  They were alright and nothing to write home about. The way we went about was, we ordered one of anything that we were ordering and all of us dug in, that way you get to taste a little of whatever everybody was having. :)  Really, there is way too much food here. And even if all you want to do is taste the variety offered, you will have to make multiple trips.

There are little table top stalls that serve hot, what looked yummy, pav bhaji.

Pav baji Guys

The street is also famous for the badam milk – you get the hot and the cold variety. Some people really like the mumbai style hot badam milk that you get here.

While I wont recommend this place especially to go and eat, unless you are an absolute foodie (which I am not), the ambiance is very nice for a leisurely stroll with friends and to hang out chatting when you taste a little of everything. Whether you are a foodie or not, you are likely to enjoy the experience. And if you aren’t a foodie, just try a little of this and that, which is what I would do when I go back again. But then, if you are a foodie, well go binge! :)