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The palliative care team that worked with my parents for 1.5 yrs before my dad’s passing away was probably what got us all through that testing time. The team not only takes care of the palliative needs of the patient, but also cares for the emotional needs of the patient, and the emotional needs of the immediate family, especially that of the main caretaker’s. What must be appreciated is the team’s willingness to offer an ear to all of the family’s concerns. Lastly, it is the time that they spend freely during the home visits that is admirable.

This is how this palliative team works – if you have a terminally patient who has exhausted all possible treatment options that will address the disease itself and are looking to care for the patient at home, you can call the team to assist you. They work free of cost* (funded by the Baptist missionary), make home visits depending on the situation on hand – about once a week or once in 10 days, and attend to all discomforts and tend to the patient with manageable remedies. They even consult specialists at their hospital if need be before they take any action.The home visits come handy especially when the patient becomes restrictive with his movements and isnt able to make hospital visits for consultations but there is also not that need for him to be admitted at the hospital too. Also helps those patients who aren’t really keen to be dependent on hospitals and just want to spend their remaining time at home.

This team from baptist is really one of its kinds and it goes anywhere within Bangalore. So if you are in need all you have to do is call people from the team. They will be more than willing to assist you. If you or anybody you know wants the contact numbers, do feel free to email me – chitra[_]aiyer[@]yahoo[.]com and I will be happy to share the numbers with you. I hope this info comes handy to any of you who comes across this post and is handling the daunting task of caring for the terminally ill.* – They even bring home medicines that you may need and you can buy the medicines from them. You can also buy the medicines from the stores.

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  1. Nice to know that there is a team of such caring people in Bangalore

  2. I second your opinion. They are very good and I would like to say that, they helped my family cope through some very trying times too when my mother was fighting lung cancer.

  3. Yes RA, I am glad too that we have a team like this here. :)

    Good to hear about your experience with them, Which Main.

  4. […] person.I will also be happy to give doc/hospital details, and lastly the contact details of the┬ápalliative team┬áthat we came to so depend on in the last 1.5 years. The palliative team is so praiseworthy that I […]

  5. Thanks for sharing this information. It will definitely be useful to others.

    Looks like St. John’s (Koramangal) also offers palliative care at home (

    Another useful initiative. Hope we get to see more of these as we move forward:

  6. I got to your blog/site while googling for palliative care and baptist hospital in bangalore.

    It was comforting to read about someone’s experience with palliative care in baptist hospital.

    My father is very sick (lung cancer with a huge tumor) and i’m looking at the palliative care options. Surgery/chemo was not an option due to his age and other health complications. Tried tarceva for a week and it appears to have caused blisters in mouth. So he’s on morphine for past 2 days now..

    My parents live alone in bangalore and i’m looking at baptist hospital since it’s close to where my parents stay. I’m on a 2 week trip and i’m trying to make arrangements for next few months.(The current job market doesn’t make it easier..)

    I would greatly appreciate if you can give me the phone numbers/contacts and any other info about baptist hospital. I’ll send an email to your yahoo account.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience.. I’m sad to read your blog about your dad.

  7. Dear Chitra,
    I am Venkat’s sister. He told me about your blog. I am very sorry to hear about your dad. Thank you for sharing your experience with others. You are helping others this way…I am sure that your Dad is proudly watching you from above.
    We found out about my Dad’s lung cancer on Tamil New Year’s day. We were told that it was too late to try to traditional treatments like Chemo. and radiation. After getting it confirmed by multiple doctors, we are now looking into Palliative care especially because of the pain he is going through.
    I will be in Bangalore from May 8th to August 18th. I hope to be able to meet you…

  8. Venkat, Geetha, I am very sorry to hear about your dad. Wishing you lots of strength to face the situation.

    Venkat, I have emailed you the details.

    Geetha, please email me. We can fix something up.

  9. Dad passed away on May 8th before I could make it to BLR. The Palliative Care team at Baptist Hospital made his last days comfortable. We were touched by their dedication and care. My parents live in White House Apartments which is very close to Baptist Hospital.
    Your blog was of great use to us. So were the phone numbers that you emailed to my brother. Many thanks.

  10. I am so sorry Geetha. My condolences. Yes, the team is exceptional in its care.

  11. My mother passed away 4 years ago, The palliative team were very supportive through the last days.Feel blessed to be associated with them. The emotional ,spiritual and most important pain relief aid they give not only helps the patient but also the entire family.God bless the team.

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