Muthathi – A day’s trip from Bangalore

Going forth I will write about trips that we do as a family. And write it from a mom’s PoV. Will also include how it worked out for the kids. :)

Will start of with our day trip to Muthathi that we did in Oct 07. Oh yeah, it has been a while, but I am getting around to it only now. :)  Muthathi is probably the nearest place from Bangalore on the banks of the river Kaveri. It is a small village and the river there is shallow and wide.

How to get there:

  • Muthathi is about a 90 minute drive after you leave the city of Bangalore.
  • Drive on the Kanakapura road through Kanakapura and Sathanur.
  • Turn left at Satanur and drive for another 30 minutes to reach Muthathi.

The road from Sathanur to Muthathi offers scenic views of the countryside. The road is a narrow one, but in a decent condition. Through the forests and by the river side, this road offers some peace and quiet.

Chitra AIyer Photo: View En Route to Muthathi

On the way to Muthathi

You soon reach Muthathi, where there are some beautiful sandy banks for some fun and play. It is not too crowded and while we were there, we only had about another 4-5 parties of people. After we reached the banks, we hung out for a bit, and had some packed lunch inside the car. While we ate, the monkeys went crazy just outside. That can get pretty scary for the kids; the monkeys hardly seem to mind the human presence and can get very close to you. And if you are inside the car and eating, they will hang out on the car’s top and on the windshield!

After lunch, we took a coracle ride to cross the river and get to the other side of the river. One of the most fun things to do while there. The children absolutely loved the coracle ride. The coracles are huge and can hold many people at a go. See the pic below.


From the coracle

The view of the river from the coracle

On reaching the other side of the river, we decided to take it easy. Beautiful sand, lovely spots, nice water for you to soak your feet in and chill some. We didn’t carry any swimwear for the kids, so we just undressed them to their minimums and let ’em loose where the water seemed safe. The kids had such a frolicking time. They couldn’t get enough of being in the water. The water was at that right temperature, and the surrounds were green and gorgeous. See pic below.

The view of the sand banks

The above image has been worked on to get a painting feel.

Our feet

Husband and I did some feet soaking also. :)

It was time well spent. We took the coracle ride back to where the car was parked and headed home.

Little water soaked feet

My son’s water soaked feet in the coracle – a measure of the fun they had? :)

There is no accommodation available in Muthathi village. However there is a Jungle Lodges and Resorts at nearby Bheemeshwari. If you want to stay there, call ahead. Muthathi doesn’t have restaurants per se, but there are small shacks that offer basic food. We carried food from home.

An aside: Interestingly, the river surrounds reminded me a lot of the surrounds of the Russian river that runs in Northern California. Also interestingly, it is in the Russian river that we have gone white water rafting in, and just when the thought occurred to me, to my pleasant surprise, I saw 3 rafting groups go by, very likely from the Jungle Lodges and Resorts at Bheemeshwari. I was happy, if anything, I would love to go white water rafting here. Don’t have enough info as yet.

If you do decide to go, I am sure you will have fun. If you have children, they are likely to have loads of fun too. :)

Please Note: All pics are copyrighted. Please do not use them without my permission. You will find these pics on my flickr stream as well.

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  1. I love that image that has been given the painted feel. And I wish the images were bigger.

  2. Nice! You have inspired me to take a trip there with my kids :)

  3. I went to Muthathi from College … almost 10 years back … at that time, it was not very popular place. We loved every minute spent there … and I insisted on a family trip soon.
    So nice to hear that the place is getting popular now.

  4. Thanks Which Main. Ok, next time around bigger images. I guess I will make these bigger as well. :)

    Thanks Gowri. :) Did you go?

    Thanks Cantaloupes Amma. It still is not crowded, so I think it may still be how it was when you went from college. :)

  5. Really enjoyed reading about your trip, Chitra. I’m looking forward to more of this series….even though I don’t live in Blr, I can travel vicariously :-)

  6. Great trip report. keep them coming…I should try to do this next time I’m banglore..

  7. Thanks Shalini. :) I will keep at it more. Have not been writing much, but will get to it. :)

    Amar, thanks! :)

  8. love the picture of the little one’s feet :)

  9. Any birds around? 😛

  10. Hi chitra
    I am going to mutathi with my family, thanks for the information, do write you back once i come back.

  11. Thanks Kat.

    Niranj, hmmmm, not too many, from what I remember.

    Chinna, pl do. This place wont disappoint you. :)

  12. great photos and good writeup.

    thanks for sharing.

    Plan to go to this place with my family + kids.

  13. Thank you Chitra, we had an excellent trip on the 12th Dec. the place was not crowded. The monkeys have probably learnt to behave and were not too much of a botheration.

    But, the earlier groups who had visited the place had left it very dirty and I was feeling pretty bad allowing the children to play around the place with dirty plates, and ash of wood which they had used to cook food, chicken feather were every where.

    But the river view was excellent and worth the effort.

  14. hi. is it possible to be there at around 5 pm in the evening. we have planned this trip in the evening? please do reply to my mail id – can i go in for boating in the evening or will the darkness sent in very soon?

  15. Thanks krish, Sanjiv.

    Sreelesh, It should be bright I think because it isnt anymore. I cant answer about the boating for sure coz I dont think we were there at that time.
    Have a good trip.

  16. Looking for some advice. Is it a good idea to take a big car (Elantra) in this route ? Or would you recommend to go by smaller one. Thanks for the info.

  17. hey i intend to go there this weekend with my wife.Do u think its a decent place 4 a short outing??heard a few people say that the place is dirty…any suggestions?do reply at the earliest…… thanx

  18. Hi Chitra,
    Thanks for the beautiful info along with pics. I have 2 kids and decided to go Muthati today only. Let me revert back once I am back. Plz keep on giving info which will help all of us alot. I will recommend all my staff also to go here if I am okay with the place.

    With Regards,
    Challa Srinivas.
    Elara Solar Compatible home UPS.

  19. Hey Guys,

    Before you all make a trip to this place called “Muthathi” .. would like to give you all some first hand information, this place is v scenic and beautiful no doubt about that .. BUT the River there is v v dangerous, it has a lot of WhirlPools and River Currents which cannot be overcome by good swimmers too.. many deaths have happened writing this with all my heart , please be v careful especially when you take your family and kids.. The water looks very calm, silent and harmless but within a few meters away from the shore are whirlpools and underwater currents which cant be seen from the surface..please be safe and spread this to innocent people..

  20. Please be aware of Muthathi. Yes this river has lot of whirlpools and river currents , Just enjoy the scenic beauty and come back and never get into water and dont go for coracle ride.. its very one knows where the whirlpool is .. Be aware.
    My father in law’s friend’s only son passed away two days back there.. and have not found the body still, they say croc might have eaten it. He had gone there with 24 friends and one is dead on the spot and the other one alive with so many head injuries. Please be aware and dont get in to water and spread this to every one.

  21. We have been to muthathi with our friends.
    Actually we mis understood the spot as water falls from hill area.
    It is not of such.

    Kaveri water flow is there.

  22. hi…..isnt mutthathi a dangerous place…?? coz i hav lost a best friend of mine there…he recently drowned into water n hz body s nt yet found….!!!!!!! :( :(

  23. Hi sinchana & gayathri nagarajan, …

    I m sorry for ur best friend …. u really scared me … :-( bcoz I had planned to go this weekend…

    anyways… every next second in our life is full of surprises… lets enjoy it… i am gonna enjoy the trip this weekend….

    Thanx for all ur posts !

  24. I warn everyone NOT TO GO TO muthathi.I lost my brother on 17th april 2011.The river looks like calm but it is very dangerous.We are not aware of the history of that place before that incident.But its very dangerous.I saw death of my brother with my own eyes which I can’t forget.So I warn you people never ever go there.Bcoz the pain cant be tolerated if something happens.There are no life gaurds there ….

  25. Woa !!! All are portraits :)

    Riding the last 20kms to this place was seriously heaven :)
    ^ our visit to this wonderful place !!

  26. its a wonderful historical place, everyone has to see in their life time, we have to avoid swimming in the river cauvery that’s all.

  27. Hey I had been to that place yesterday with my friends and family… I saw a guy who died because of WhirlPools and River Currents.. its the worst place that i have even visited in that… They have been board saying don’t drink and enter the water but people still do that.. i don’t know why :( and you hardly get any mobile signals over there.. A hearty request to couples and friends and college friends. be very very very careful.. couples don’t go in bikes its most danger place to girls.. I have heard that many girls have be raped and killed there… friends life is not only about enjoying… Please take of yourself and your loved ones.. they are hell lots of another beautiful places to visit… Take care :) :) :)

  28. HI

    I am Blorean. I love travelling in week-ends, Have never visited Muthathi.

    Thanks for ur blog, i would now visit Muthathi soon…

    Here is my Blog with TEN destinations for ‘One day trips from Blore’

  29. Dear friends,

    As we are planning a weekend trip to Muththi, I happened to visit this blog. The comments shared by many gives us a feeling of a nice spot, at the same time few comments were actually scary. I am still confused on venturing to this wonderful yet dangerous spot.

  30. hi sisters and brothers, muthathi is one of very dangerous place which i come across. my frnd lost his brother on15/08/2012. we found out the body on 16/08/2012. no one can help you out once you drown into the water. the river looks very calm and quite but no one can analyse when it’s going to become nasty. and even hardly you get the mobile signals there.

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