A preview into shooting macro with Canon’s EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens

When I first started shooting with the Canon 400D, all I had was the Canon EF-S 18 – 55 MM F/3.5 – 5.6 Kit. And what was easy to see was how I was stuck to the narrow end of the kit lens. Also, I kept going as close to the subject as possible. So, it was very easy to figure where my interest was when I had to get as my next lens – the macro was almost a default choice. I had seen enough and more shots from Canon’s 100 mm macro lens on flickr and was already in love with it. So, when I got it, well I knew my love for it was only going to grow. And it did! :) That wasn’t hard to guess.

Shortly, I will be writing a detailed review of what I think of the lens. But for now, here are some sample shots that I have enjoyed taking using the lens.

When it comes to extracting details out of the subject and getting a nice depth of field, Canon’s 100 mm macro lens does a very good job. And I love doing abstract shots with it. The following is a picture that was shot with the macro and later worked on PS to get the desired texture work.


The macro also does a lovely job of getting a smooth bokeh of the background. ‘Bokeh’ simply means that which is blurred in Japanese. The following is a shot with a green bokeh.

Anything With a Dash of Green ...

Yet another shot to show some bokeh.

When Your Surrounds Set You Apart

Here’s a shot of the spice, coriander seeds. Again, it is for the fun of capturing the details.

One of 'em Spices

 Here’s a shot of a gerbera flower. Shot at the level of the flower, it is easy to make out which petal is close to the lens and which is away. All thanks to the wide apaerture, the shallow DoF is easy to capture.

Spread Your Wings and Fly Away

Nothing prevents us from using the macro for things that arent tiny and minuscule. It focuses well at infinity. I have liked the details of the far away things like clouds, trees that I have managed to get from this lens.

And last but not the least, it is a great lens for portraits. Of course, it brings all the details out. So, it is probably best for shooting the very young and the very old. :))

Who? Me? ...

This is only a preview to a more detailed review of the lens that I am going to be writing.

Your questions/thoughts are welcome.