Reminiscing the Nilgiris

I totally love to be amidst mountains. And now in this Summer, I cannot help but think back to our trip to the Nilgiris about a year and a half back. Nilgiris is nothing but mountains and mountains of manicured tea estates. Well, for the most part. Just the uninterrupted sight of the rolling hillscapes is very pleasing to the eye. The mist covered landscape and the complete green cover easily trasports you to another dimension, that which is far away from one’s daily hustle bustle. The sunlight that washes over the area is mostly mild and warm lending an almost surreal feel to the city people. Really, the charm has to be experienced.

One of the best things to do is to stay in old colonial buildings that have been converted to homestays with caretakers etc to take care of your family’s needs. We stayed in one such, a few kms from Conoor. It was a lovely old bungalow that had a beautiful lawn, which opened to oceans of mountain scape. The view from the lawns:

Green are the Hills and Green are the Valleys

Luckily for us, the estate where we stayed came with no airtel connectivity and a few, very basic TV channels.  So, we practically spent all our time on the lawn outside. The kids had some play structures to play too. And the bungalow came with a very well maintained garden with loads of lovely flowers and water plants. All we did was to chill on the lawns, play with the kids, read, go for walks, or simply sit and watch the mountains. Here’s me in the hammock. :) 

One with the Clouds

The kids completely enjoyed taking walks with us in the estates. Here’s my daughter, who was quite little then. All along the pathway to the bungalow were the red poinsettia that really stood out against the green of the tea leaves. Running right next to the road was also a small mountain brook. The gurgling sound of the running water was the backdrop for our walks.

A Little Trooper

Staying away from the TV and the internet helps us all to look at and see the simpler things, which is ‘oh so important’. Here’s our daughter patting a goat kid.

Two 'Kid's :)

The garden also offered me tons of opportunities to peer into flowers, and insects. The focus shift from everyday living to things like these can be very relaxing. And when I peer, I encourage the kids to join in too. I believe that it is our ability to see and enjoy the little things that makes us who we are. And I like to get the kids to see it for themselves starting right now.

Enveloped in Bliss

More pics from that trip here. I hope somebody reading this gets to head there this Summer. If you do head out, have a great time. :)

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  1. What a fabulous place this looks like….a must-visit spot for us! Love the shot of your feet and the hammock…such a perfect vacation mood! And the shot of your daughter and the goat kid is so cute!

  2. The photographs are beautiful! Which camera/lens did you use?

  3. like the pic with the kid and the goat..

  4. Love your pictures!!!

  5. Lovely place! Lovely pictures, of course :) The water-lily close-up is especially interesting… Observing and working with nature can not just be relaxing, but also be enlightening in many ways… One who cannot see a reason to respect a lamb or a bee, is unlikely to see enough reason to respect his fellows either… Perhaps!

  6. Great place to recharge. Thinking of going to one such place.

  7. Wow This looks beautiful and a great place to recharge! Will you please share the name and details of the place you stayed at?

  8. Looks great!
    Same request as above- share the name please!

  9. Shalini, thanks! :) Yes, a perfect vacation spot indeed.

    Thanks Gowri, these were shot with the Canon 400D+the Kit lens.

    Thanks JD, Luf. :)

    Thanks Suneel. Lovely thought there. :)

    Yes Pradeep, everybody needs to. :)

    Vandana, Rashmi, thanks! Check here for more details –
    We stayed at the Mango Tree Bungalow. :)

  10. Thats such a beautiful write up.! I can imagine the beauty of the place. I would surely think about planning this vacation some time in future.

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