Starting out as a freelance writer

I started writing for Deccan Herald as a freelance writer. And here is my first article. :) This appears in the Education supplement of today’s paper.

I will continue to write for the paper. If any of you have anything that you would like me to write about, please feel free to email me – chitra[_]aiyer[@]yahoo[.]com .

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  1. This is known as evolution! Good show and all z best.

  2. Thanks Gopal. :)

  3. Excellent….Congratulations, and all the best.

  4. Which according to you is a better option? Your art is good but there’s so much info that I am confused..

  5. Brilliant article Chitra….But I feel its to difficult to decide which is the best…….Iam so eager to know what you chose for your kids.

  6. Thanks Mahipal. :)

    JD, like I said in the article, I dont think there really is that “one” better option. Each has its own pluses.
    Are you on Flickr, JD?

    Shyamala, thanks. :) There really is nothing that is the best, at least that is what I think. We chose a school that happens to adhere to the CBSE syllabus. We went by the school and not really by the syllabus.

  7. Great article .Very lucid and informative.
    I loved the unprejudiced way you presented it.
    And short of being repetitive……..WAY TO GO GIRL :))

  8. Congrats Chitra….great article!

  9. Flickr – no not yet.. am thinking of joining it.. am on fb tho..

  10. You know, I was just thinking of writing to ask if it was you or now? I read that piece, and saw the byline because it’s a topic close to my heart.

  11. Congratulations.

    Look forward to reading more from you.

  12. Congrats! Deccan Herald offers space to freelancers. Make the best of it. Keep writing.

  13. Congrats Chitra on the new job…and the article is good..

  14. Nice article Chits ! Remember me ??

  15. Congratulations and best wishes

  16. hey, great going! Chitra, I have my SIL who’s in Business World who wants me to write articles pretty often, which I do most of the times. But due to lack of time many times, I have refused. Do you think I can refer you to her?

  17. Thnaks Shilpa, Shalini.

    FB, ok. :) When u take up photography seriously, flickr is a good place to start it off. :)

    Yeah Poppins, was me. Why is the topic close to your heart?

    Thanks Suma, Pradeep, Deepashri, Jayanthi, Arvind, and Sandhya.

    Jayanthi, sure I remember you. :)

    Sandhya, sure let her know. Lets see how it goes. Thanks. :)

  18. Hello Chitra! Have you tried for this new site called iwriter? ( I have been doing for the last month and earned nearly 100$. I too have written freelance for Deccan Herald a few years ago. Can you help me in writing for them again?
    Thank you and best wishes
    Sunder Venkataram

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