Test drove the Honda Jazz

Over the last weekend, my husband and I were at the Honda showroom and we test drove Honda’s Jazz. Since detailed reviews are available on the internet, in auto magazines, and in the news papers, I will simply list out what I thought of the car here.

We really liked the cool, futurstic looks of the Jazz. And the car that we saw was the Deep Sapphire Blue and it was really a nice color to go with the Jazz body. What is very different about the jazz is its fairly large vent windows, which are what give it its futuristic looks too. The drive itself was a pleasure and we hardly felt any bumps. On the Hosur road, under the appocalyptic flyover, (yes I hate the flyover on Hosur road!) we touched 110 kph and we hardly even noticed the speed. It was very pleasant and very smooth. Apparently you can go up to 160 kph with ease. The dealer says you get about 15 kms/litre of petrol inside the city. No diesel model for Jazz, for now.

The interior is very spacious and is very comparable to the City. Lot of leg room, good amount of storage space, and the boot is of a very good volume too. The coolest feature was the ease with you can flip the rear seats and level them to the floor; this creates loads of storage space, which can come very handy. The titanium interior upholstery looks nice.

The Jazz comes with a CD MP3 player.  There is even a port to plug in your MP3 player. And all of the audio system can be controlled from the steeering wheel. Apparently, the speed volume feature is like this – you speed up, the volume audio increases and you slow down, the volume goes down. We didnt particularly notice this feature, but I am not sure I see the value add. On the contrary it could be a tad irritating.

There is no auto climate control. Just 3 rotatory switches for controlling the AC – not really echoing of Jazz’s steep price! My husband and I didnt like the instrument panel. It looks quite stoic and I didn’t like the digital display of the music system.

Here’s comparing the body dimensions of the Jazz with the dimensions of Hyundai’s Getz and Maruti’s Swift. All of them are hatchbacks.

All numbers are in mm. The first column is that of the Jazz and the second column of numbers is that of the Getz, and the 3rd column is that of the Swift.

overall length:     3900     3810     3760

overall width:     1695     1665     1690

overall height:     1535     1515     1530

From what I learnt at the Hosur Road Honda dealer was that, in Bangalore the Jazz will cost 8.44 Lakhs. For an additional 30K you will get the Mode Kit, for an additional 35K, you will get the Activ Kit. And currently Jazz only comes in one model. So, that means 8.44 L it is. And that is probably where Honda fails with Jazz and quite a bit. For a hatchback, it is very steep. For another 80K or so, you will get the City, brand new! If it were priced at 6-6.5 on the road, it would be a pretty good buy, I would think.

As for the Getz, it is priced around 5L. The Swift is priced about 4.8L on the road. It will be interesting to see how easily Honda can sell the Jazz at this price.

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  1. 8.5 lakhs for a small hatchback is too much. Honda has to understand that its recession time and with record low sales all over the world and cars selling 30% lesser that their what they used to last year, I would assume that Honda came up with a competitive price.

    I friend of mine purchased a Hyundai Sonata for 14K US$ last week. I wonder why the price on TVs, computers and cars ever comes down in India.

  2. Completely agree with you on this one Chitra. The Jazz is way way way overpriced. What frustrates me is the fact that these cars are so much cheaper outside of India. So, in reality you end up paying all the money for the “taxes” and not really for the car and it’s features. Case in point – you will get a fully loaded Civic in the US around – say $18k$ and the entry level Civic in India is around 12L. That’s RIDICULOUS.

    What baffles me even more is that – people do not seem to care and they buy these things.

    Don’t get me wrong here – Honda (and Toyota) make great cars. But they definitely are not worth the price that they are selling them in India.


  3. Here are some options for you whiners:

    1. Go back “home” to $-land and buy it cheaper there.

    2. Vote the govt out which charges 40% tax on these cars. No wait, you can’t do that, coz you can’t give up the precious US p-arseport, can you?

    3. STFU.

  4. NRI: Assuming you are referring to my comments. Why are you blabbering about something completely irrelevant? Contribute constructively or STFU.

    And FYI smart a*s – I do hold an Indian passport and I exercise my rights.

    Given the relevance and your intelligent approach to commenting, you will make a perfect buyer for a Jazz (I.e. Idiots).


  5. I think you will find a issue with your webblog working with Chrome browser.

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