Which Main? What Cross?

I was at the recently concluded exhibition of photo frames from the photoblog, Which Main, What Cross? M.S. Gopal has been updating this photoblog site with pics almost everyday for more than 2 years now. He and I have known each other online because of blogging and photography. What I have always appreciated in Gopal is how he has not lost the rhythm of posting regularly. And I know a little about his personal life, and nothing of what goes on there seems to ever affect what he does with his camera and on the blog. He mostly shoots while commuting to and from work; he doesn’t take the obvious main roads and doesn’t stick to a particular route for his everyday commute. He takes the bylanes on his Scooty and that has opened him to scores of street photography ops. He started his photoblog to share all the pictures of Bangalore that he shot everyday and filed them under street names and since Bangalore streets are often named Mains and Crosses, he came up with the name Which main? What cross?

He uses a small point and shoot, the Canon A530 that his wife gifted to him a few years ago. He finds it easy to carry it in his pocket and to shoot pictures without getting off of his Scooty. Also, with a small P&S, he is never mistaken for a newspaperman and people open up easily to him, he says. He loves taking pictures, but loves telling stories more. So, he often uses his pictures to tell stories of the streets of Bangalore and that essentially requires him to get those stories from the people on the streets. 

Here are a few frames from his photoblog site.

What I personally like about his frames are his unique ability to see a frame practically anywhere and his ability to stay true to what his frames are about. His frames capture the colors and life of Bangalore and his words complete the stories the frames tell us.

The frames at the exhibition were but a glimpse to his photoblog. In fact, the folks at F&B who are promoting ‘The Art Wall’ at their Global Tree Cafe, found his pictures on the blog and felt that pictures of Bangalore streets would be an interesting topic to showcase. That is how the exhibition came to happen. The Art Wall at Global Tree has featured some very good photographers earlier and when F&B asked Gopal for his frames, he thought that the people at the restaurant were taking a big risk by asking him to have an exhibition. The exhibition was on all of last month, May ’09. 

He went on to get good reviews from newspapers and magazines. A lot of the local media was pretty excited about his frames of the city we live in. He says his photoblog is an ongoing project and that he will continue to showcase Bangalore. “There’s a lot to see in Bangalore and stories to be clicked at every main and cross” he says. :)

It has been good knowing you, Gopal. Wishing you the best. :)

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  1. Gopal sure has a talented eye (and a talented hand at lens) for Bangalore :)

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