The Western Ghats at Wayanad

We were at Wayanad for a few days last week. Wayanad is a little district in Kerala. Almost all of it lies in the beautiful green Western Ghats. The Western Ghats is a mountain range that abuts India’s narrow west coastal plain. The range is really long, about 1600 km, and runs through the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala ending at Kanyakumari, at the southern tip of India.

I love the Western Ghats for its scenic beauty, its rich fertile soil, its flora and fauna, and most of all for the varying cultures you get to see in its dense forests. In the last couple of years of being in India, we have made many trips to different parts of the Western Ghats, and it continues to beckon. I must admit to also being in close proximity to the Ghats through all of my childhood summer vacations, having almost always spent them in Kerala in my grandparents’ ancestral homes. My father’s home especially was really nestled within the Ghats and people lived in complete harmony amongst its diverse flora and fauna – the innumerable varieties of herbs, the beautiful wildflowers, the many unique birds I have seen there as a child; one only had to peer in closely to spot a snake. Yes, they were that many of them and not to forget the countless stars in the very dark nights, the magical fireflies against the pitch blackness of the long nights. Light pollution was always a far away thing.  …. those were the days ….

My children do not have access to my childhood or my childhood vacations. But the closest they come to experiencing them is during our various road-trips to the Ghats. Hopefully, they will go on the remember the Ghats in their own ways. And hopefully, the Ghats will be special to them too.

Here are some pics from our recent road trip to the Western Ghats at Wayanad. This is a post to only introduce the landscape through the pics. I will write more about the trip itself in subsequent posts.

Chitra Aiyer - Windy road in the Ghats

The few drizzles and the foggy, dreamy terrain invite us as we head towards our place of stay.

Chitra Aiyer - Deep in the woods

The typical interior Ghat pathways.

Chitra Aiyer - Overlooking the peaks

Taking in the view from the peaks after a short trek.

Chitra Aiyer - A brook run in the woods

A little brook flowing down boisterously.

Chitra Aiyer - Through the wind shiled

Through the windshield rain drops – the post-monsoon is one of the nicest seasons at the Ghats. Green is all there is.

Chitra Aiyer - Taking it in

My daughter taking it all from the balcony at the resort we stayed in. A brook breaks into multiple mini-water falls a few feet beneath her; its mild roar completing the scene.

Have you been to the Western Ghats? If so, which parts of it have you touched? How do like them? Do share – would love to hear.


All pictures used here are mine. Please do not use them without first asking me.

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  1. I loved Wayanad when we visited last December. And as usual, I loved the shot of the brook and your daughter at the balcony. I can imagine the sound of flowing water!

  2. Looks like you folks had a nice time. Some nice pics – hope to see more. :-)

  3. I stumbled on your page from another blog. The pictures of Wayanad are breathtaking. Beautiful!

  4. Lovely photographs – especially your daughter taking in nature :) Looks like you folks had a lovely time! Where did you ppl stay btw? The ‘view of the peaks’ feels terribly familiar to me!

  5. Thanks Shalini. Have you been to any other parts of the Ghats?

    Thanks Niranj. Glad you liked the pics.

    Welcome to the blog, Soli. Thanks. :)

    Nagesh, thanks. We stayed at Vythiri resorts. Will write more. :)

  6. Cool pics Chitra, you guys had a great time in Wayanad…

  7. wayanad and masinagudi will always be my fav places :)
    Very nice writeup and lovely pics chitra

  8. The Last Pic sums it up all and the bliss i say …..

  9. Nice pics Chithra, Waiting for more ….

  10. Our trip last winter was the only time I’ve been to Kerala…but we loved it so much that we will definitely come back.

    I’ve heard so much about Vythri, my uncle from Blr always stays there on his trips.

  11. Thanks Venkat.

    Thanks Sharanya. Masinagudi is on the list. :)

    Thanks Ram, Nagesh.

    Shalini, I didnt mean Kerala alone, but anywhere else in the Ghats.
    Vythiri is nice at first glace, but it has its negatives too. Will write both the pros and the cons.

  12. As far as I can recall, that’s my only time in the Ghats!

    Have traveled through the ghats from Bombay to Goa and back via train and vehicle a couple of times, but didn’t stop en route on any of those trips.

    Looking forward to your review.

  13. So you did go to Wayanad after all. Super pictures!

  14. Shalini, those rail/road trips must have offered beautiful visuals. :)

    Oh look who’s here! :) Thanks Indian Road Romeo! Yeah, I was laughing when I saw your mail. :) You in Mumbai yet? Should I change the blogroll?

  15. Hope you enjoyed the trip. I haven’t covered Wayanad side. Munnar and south was done. If you wake up me in the middle of night and ask me where do I want to go… two simple answers. Columbia gorge scenic drive and Kerala. Cheers. :-)

  16. Sudhakar, yes, we had fun. :) I have touched the Ghats in a lot of places and like them everywhere. No spot is disappointing.
    If I were to be asked that question, I guess my answer would be California and the Ghats. :)

  17. […] always very green. Has always been a place that I wanted to visit. I introduced its landscape in my previous post. This post will cover our stay […]

  18. Nice pics chitra.

    I had been to wayanad last year. This place is awesome for its scenic beauty and serenity.

    The place has a lot to offer visitors with its pristine natural beauty. I liked Pookod Lake, an excellent drive to Thirunelli Temple, untamed Soochippara Waterfall and the best place for any couple to be is “Kuruva Island”.

    Eagerly looking for our son to grow up, to go for another visit to this exotic location :)

  19. hi chitra, i have been to western ghats along the coast of karnataka (udupi-karwar). i am fascinated with the beautiful amalgamation of western ghat with the arabian sea creating some extremely beautiful beaches. i am interested in buying small piece of land in western ghat or along the coast (beachfront) for building a small house for personal use or for running a small guest house. can you suggest me on this.

  20. Fantastic! Wayanad is sure an awesome place during monsoon!!!

    Pixellicious Photos

  21. I have never been down south and it seems that the Western Ghats keep the beauty intact even in Kerala. Lovely pictures :).

  22. Bhanu prakash, thanks. Glad you liked your trip.

    KK singh, I am afraid I cant guide you about property buying. I guess people living on the coast maybe able to.

    Lcalpesh, thanks.Yes, it is beautiful.

    Nishant, the western ghats are beautiful everywhere, and in differnt ways. They are very lovey in Karnataka too.

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