Tunneled Train Tracks – Sakleshpur

Continuing from the previous post …. After lunch on arrival, we decided to go check out the tunneled railway track nearby. This is the railway track that connects Hassan to Mangalore and passes through the Western Ghats past Sakleshpur. Since the track runs through the Western Ghats, that entire stretch has many tunnels. The entire stretch is said to be very scenic overlooking many valleys and peaks. Many trekkers do long stretches and well, we weren’t aiming anything close to that. We had my mom and our 2 kids with us. So, whatever they could do was our target. There is a spot about 4kms from the home-stay where we can get on to the track. The road is terrible and you cant take your car on it. You have to rent a jeep to take you to and fro. So, a jeep was arranged for us to go there after lunch. Another couple who was staying at the home-stay also decided to join us on this trip to the tracks. That turned out to be really nice. The guy was enthusiastic and the girl was sweet and it seemed like they really wanted to hang out with us. Why, I wouldn’t know. lol

Anyway, we all arrived to where the tracks were. A small little hike and we were on the tracks. Luckily for us, though it was cloudy, it really didn’t rain during our outing. We also found out that there wasn’t going to be a train running until late in the night.

Chitra Aiyer - Son on the tracks, Sakleshpur

Here’s our little boy spear-heading our little trek team. :)

Chitra Aiyer - Outside the Tracks

Saw this lovely tree against the beautiful clouds.

Chitra Aiyer - Daughter skeptical at the entrance, Sakleshpur

As we arrived near the first tunnel, our girl hesitates and stops in her tracks, literally. :)

Chitra Aiyer - Stepping into the Tunnel

This is at the start of a tunnel. The tunnels are dark and you will need a flash light.

Chitra Aiyer - Stepping Out

There’s this opening in tunnel 1, where you can step out to take in the view. Here’re my mom and daughter stepping out.

Chitra Aiyer - Gorge, Sakleshpur

When you step out of the tunnel, you see this gorge running right beneath. The running water provides the beautiful sound that completes the picturesque scene.

We trekked through 3 tunnels in total and started our walk back. The jeep guy was supposed to be back to pick us up and we had to get to the starting point by then.

Just as we were returning, it started to drizzle just a little. And soon after, the fog rolled in. When we arrived at the starting point, we had to wait a while for the vehicle. So, we all just sat down and watched the fog – that was just beautiful …. to be amidst the green mountains, in the narrow tracks, and to be enveloped by the rolling fog. The fog rolled in really quickly, and before we knew it everything vanished from sight.

Chitra Aiyer - A Walk on the Tracks

Here’s my husband walking the other way on the track from the start point, when the fog rolled in.

Chitra Aiyer - Bridge over the River

Chitra Aiyer - Lone Tree

The foggy scene we bid good-bye to. Overall, a lovely afternoon in a beautiful place.

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  1. […] you get to do in the neighborhood. We did a little trek in the railway track full of tunnels (read here), went to a 100 year old tea processing factory, spent some time by the side of a little rivulet, […]

  2. Pictures #4 & #6 are icing in the cake ….. :)

  3. Just beautiful!!

  4. What a fantastic place it looks like. I loved the view of the gorge below and can imaging the sound of the water.

  5. beautiful, i have trekked on these railway tracks uptil subramanya..one of the treks ill never forget :)
    Slept in a cute little station called yedakumeri :)

  6. Lovely place for a trek! Brings back a lot of old memories from college where we must’ve trekked Subramanya-Yedakumeri atleast some 5-6 times :)

    For the non-trekkers, the best way to enjoy is to take the night train from Bangalore and wake up early morning (around 6ish) when the train tends to be on the ghats!! Surreal scenery!! :)

  7. By the way, there is talk of re-introducing a day train between Bangalore and Mangalore. If that happens… then heaven!! :)

  8. nice pics

  9. hey, the day train to m’lore has already started – 3 times a week.

  10. Thanks Ram, Poppins, Rajesh.

    Thanks Shalini. Yes, the gurgling water sound was lovely.

    Thanks. Yes, I have heard about the treks a lot. Maybe once the children are older. :)

    Nagesh, oh the night train will still be on the ghats in the morning? I thought it would have reached Mangalore by the mornin hrs. Yes, the day train apparently is already running like Shilpa says.

    Thanks for the info, Shilpa.

  11. Excellent write-up and pics – Thank you!

    PS : I now hate myself for having missed visiting this place 4 years ago!! :(

  12. Thanks Niranj.
    Oh pl, dont bother about what happened then. Go now. The season is perfect.

  13. the opening in the tunnel(pic 5 ) was purposefully left vth an intention not to block th view
    even though objected by few Rly offiicers sayin very unsafe place,, managed to convince

    Great pics chitra

  14. lovely post….thanks for sharing…

  15. When did you do this trek?

  16. I am also very much interested please let me know if any body trekking sakaleshpur railway track trek surely i wil join guys,,,
    Trekking at sakaleshpur ha ha its really amusement
    Manjunath D L

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