A walk in the clouds

Fog filled mountain lands are so far away from the immediate stark reality that surrounds us in the city. Remembering the moutnains only makes this reality even more real.

The weekend that we were away at the Western Ghats in Sakleshpur, the fog rolled in one afternoon right in front of our eyes and enveloped all of what we could see. We went for a little walk and I saw my mom and the kids in front me, like little people walking in the clouds.

Chitra Aiyer - Grandma and grandson, Sakleshpur

My daughter was all on her own, even walking in circles at times.

Chitra Aiyer - Daughter, Sakleshpur Chitra Aiyer - Daughter, Sakleshpur

When the fog got denser, we got the kids to walk under umbrellas. Here’s daughter again, taking a moment of a breather to take it all in. The landscape and the umbrella canopy really making her tiny frame tinier.

Chitra AIyer - Duaghter, Sakleshpur Chitra Aiyer - Daughter, Sakleshpur

While I love sunshiny, bright landscapes, it is the fogged up, blurry mountainscapes that I completely enjoy. There is a surreal quality to the feel, a sense of getting lost … lost from reality.

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  2. Awesome pics…love the sense of adventure in all of you!

  3. My kind of place.Awesome effect with the growing mist.a kind of getting lost.truly chitra.loved it.

  4. Thanks Shalini, Lakshmi.

    Shalini, not sure about the sense of adventure, but yeah, we do a bit here and there. :)

    Lakshmi, nothing to not like about the mist, huh? :) I love mist/fog.

  5. Daughter gets special attention, eh? Son must be furious at this dedication!
    (walking in circles) Daughter, when she grows up might hate you for this! 😛

    Kidding. Mist is always fun. Gives a fresh feeling in the head.

  6. beautiful chitra, as usual!

  7. Nice to see your daughter enjoying it.

  8. lol Sudhamshu. Son gets his fair share too. :) Thanks.

    Thanks choxbox.

    thecouple, yeah she had a good time. :)

  9. beautiful pictures. I agree…there is something very surreal about foggy scenery.

  10. Very beautiful pics.

  11. Thanks Vamsee and SKB :)

  12. Nice place n pics and description!! 😀

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