Ammadi Homestay, Koppa

Oct 2nd long weekend – we had nothing on the cards. But a long weekend, and not go on a road trip? So, well, we got to pouring on the maps. My eyes kept hovering over Sagar in Shimoga – the famous Jog falls are in Sagar. And luckily for us, I thought then, we found a lovely homestay that was somewhere around Thirthahalli. Given a choice, we’ll pick home-stays any day over hotels. Why? Will leave that for another blog post. Well, it so happened that the family running the homestay had to deal with an emergency and wasnt going to be in town. So, we had to quickly look for another place of stay. This was a long weekend, and everything was taken. And just as we were reconciling to staying in the city for the long weekend and doing day-trips, I found another promising home-stay that hadnt shown earlier in my various online searches – it only showed up when I kept tweaking my search queries – Ammadi homestay. Luckily for us, they still had a couple of rooms left.

So, off we went to Koppa via Shimoga early next morning. Ashwin, from the home-stay, with whom I was in touch, called us at least 3 times during our drive. He was making sure we were alright and on the right route. The entire route was pretty, but after we turned left at Shimoga, the drive was awesome. That is a lovely route with whizzing green scenic landscape. The road for the most part is nice and the drive was smooth. The Ghats were beautiful and the little villages that interspersed throughout this route were ‘Malnad‘y cute and full of character. We stopped way more than expected to take it all in. There were many water bodies along this road, full of water and water-lilies! Beautiful! The entire day had been cloudy, pleasant and that made the landscape/drive lovelier and more romantic.

Chitra Aiyer - Enroute to Thirthahalli

Chitra Aiyer - Enroute to Thirthahalli

After stopping at the dam at Gajanur for a little while, we arrived at Ammadi homestay. The pic below is how we first saw the house. A lovely huge green house amidst paddy fields and arecanut plantation. We saw a couple of people wave at us from the house.

Chitra Aiyer - From the road, Ammadi homestay

We drove up the curved path along the paddy fields to the house. Our hosts, the owner, Mr. Srinivas, his 2 sons – Ashwin and Kishan and a his daughter-in-law, Chaitra were at the entrance to welcome us in.

Chitra Aiyer - Going towards the house, Ammadi homestay

Ammadi is a lovely old traditional home, maintained well with all of its local rich architectural elements intact. The main door opens out to the courtyard you see below. Very lovely and well-maintained.

Chitra Aiyer - THe courtyard on entering, Ammadi homestay

Here’s the corridor that surrounds the courtyard. The pillars supporting the roof and the detailing on them reflect the old architecture. There are many little windows that open to the beautiful outsides. My daughter is doing a butterfly sprint in the pic below.

Chitra Aiyer - Daughter running like a butterfly, Ammadi homestay

We were led upto our rooms on the top floor. They have rooms inside the house on the top floor and again on the top floor facing the outside. If you go to Ammadi, definitely choose the rooms facing the outside – those that are outside the main house. It is these rooms that are private and have attached bathrooms. The inside ones are cozy and well maintained, but do not have attached baths. Also, the 4 rooms inside the house are separated by partition walls and have a common ceiling, robbing the rooms of sound-privacy.

My son in the corridor overlooking the courtyard.

Chitra Aiyer - Overlooking the courtyard, Ammadi homestay

The family is very cordial and the four of them took care of all the guests with a lot of care. They are new to this business, having started to run the house as a homestay only since Aug this year. Mr. Srinivas has lived in this house all his life. It used to house a huge family with lots of people. His father was a landlord who extended the house to anybody who needed shelter. Needless to say, there are many stories tied to the house. Srinivas is a kind-hearted man who shared many a stories with us during our stay. His sons and daughter-in-law visit Ammadi on many weekends. Together, they make a great team to host people, serving homely food and always having a word to exchange with you. They never hesitated to share whatever they knew of the house and about the beautiful surrounds. They gave valuable suggestions for things we could do during our stay there. Oh and I loved both their coffee and tea.

Mr. Srinivas’ wife passed away a couple of years ago. However, you will see a lot of her in the house; all of her art work adorn this beautiful old house. She has taken the effort to showcase all their family heirloom things around the house. The courtyard itself is her conception. Otherwise, traditional courtyards, while are beautiful do not transform into garden havens. The courtyard by far is what won me over from the start. During our stay, there were many monsoon drizzles/rains, and sitting and watching the rain was a favorite activity. There were other parties staying there while we were there; but the courtyard corridors offer everybody a spot to themselves. My husband and I enjoyed a nice long chat late one night, long after the kids were asleep when it rained in the courtyard. Lovely!

Things we did in the neighborhood: We went to Kuppali, the renowned Kannada poet Kuvempu‘s place of birth. It is a lovely place – the beautiful hillscape in the neighborhood is what is supposed to have inspired his poetry and well, not surprising at all. We also visited the Sringeri temple on the banks of the river Tunga (read here) and drove up to the beautiful Sirimane waterfalls. We also visited a gurukul that is run in Hariharapura, near Kuppa. I will cover all of these visits in separate posts.

Chitra Aiyer - Kuppalli, Kuvempu's home


Agumbe is near here, and while it is on top of our list to see a sunset there, we gave it a miss this time around. Apparently you hardly see anything this time of the year there, coz of all the fog. Jan is a good time to go see sunsets there. So, we said, ‘ok, Jan maybe’. And apparently the Kundhadri hills are very pretty too. Though this trip started off with us wanting to go see the Jog, we didnt do that – Jog is at least 2 hrs away from here. So yeah, Shimoga surrounds are going to be seeing some more of us.

The day we left, it was raining there. The children grabbed the umbrellas and were in the courtyard enjoying the rains. As long as their heads remained dry, it was ok for them to stay in the rains I said. They loved the Malnad rains – running in and out of the courtyard and to the front yard.

Chitra Aiyer - Kids playing in the rain, Ammadi homestay

Overall, a wonderful stay. Ammadi homestay stays true to the term ‘homestay’.

Do you like the Malnad region? Do you have a favorite place there? Do share – I would love for us to head out. :)


All pics used here are mine. Please do not use them without first asking me.

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  1. Cool!. thanks for sharing

  2. Really enjoying reading about all your road trips. This place looks really lovely.

  3. Another lovely post – feel like packing my bags ans going on vacation !

  4. Felt like I was there staying at ammadi !!! Will definitely visit sometime.

  5. awesome chitra.

    there might be a sudden spike in the no. of people visiting the area – all thanks to you!

  6. Chitra

    We have been following your blogs regularly and thanks for this, this helps a lot. We are planning to R2I soon and this is already inspiring me to plan a lot of stuff. We travel a lot here and wd like to continue the trend. I heard there were floods and heavy rains in krishna and other rivers, did this place get affected. Also did u get to see JOg falls in this trip?

  7. Sudhakar, you are welcome.

    Shalini, thanks. Yes, it is lovely.

    Poppins, thanks. Yeah vacations can always be on the cards. :)

    I am glad the post made you feel like you were there, Amar.

    Thanks Choxbox. :)

    Saradha, I am glad my posts are helping you. Road trips are probably the nicest ways of uncovering any place. We enjoyed being on the road in the US; and we love being on the road here. I also like how road trips help us as parents to open up the kids to other cultures, people, landscape – one of the reasons we stop as much. :)
    Nope, no Jog this time. We were staying at least a couple of hours from there.

  8. nice narration n pics ur blog is very useful i always follow

  9. beautifully narration of a lovely place….

  10. beautiful narration of a lovely place….

  11. Thanks Chitra for writing about homestays. I am going to bookmark your page and if I ever visit any of these places I will tell them they should thank you! I sit here and pore over all these homestays:-). I am sure that my kids 17, 12 will love, just wandering around. Your essays bring to life all the Karnataka towns I used to read about. I grew up in the North and Madras so never really lived in Karnataka. Thanks very much for such a detailed writeup.

  12. Thanks Rajesh, Sunder.

    Thanks My3. I am glad you like reading about these places. I love Karnataka and its people. :)

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  15. Nice narration and photos Chitra. It would be good if you can mention the places that one can visit in and around Koppa.

    BTW, here is my short experience with Agumbe last month. If you have plans, never miss it.

  16. Ram, thanks for stopping by. Will definitely read your post.
    Do read the para – ‘Things we did in the neighborhood’, to know what we did when we were at Koppa.

  17. Hello Madam,

    Your insight to the malnad region is simply the best. We request you to visit and find our hearty effort to promote some of the places in Malnad Region.

  18. A lovely place , love to visit at the earliest . Plent of Flora and Fauna Which month would be the right time for us to visit this heaven . Kindly brief me about the nearest places we can see and the type of food as well as the tariff for the same . I love nature and shall be blessed to visit your place .How many days stay would be ideal for optimum exploitation of nature in and around this beautiful place . Kindly mail the information at your own free time . Thank You

  19. Madam
    Thanks for the article and excellent photos. I am a native of Koppa and settled in Bangalore since long. I am overwhelmed to see your article and scenic photos. We have such natural scenic surroundings in and around us here in Karnataka, But always aspire to visit places in other states which due to their marketing ability attaracts tourists. I for one feel that likeminded people should join hands to promote/propagate such places of interest in Karnatraka. We have plenty and should be proud of posessing such varied Flora and Fauna amidst us. Thank you once again for kindling my boyhood memories.

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