Wake up Sid – Movie review

Wake up Sid

I am not one who hits the movie theatres too much, especially now, after the kids. However, there was this little something about the trailer of ‘Wake up Sid’ that I knew I wanted to watch the movie. I had ‘youtube’d the songs quite a bit and knew it had a certain something that I was going to like. Bollywood isnt really something my husband and I do together, so this one I was going to go watch with a good friend. It so happened that she had to drop out in the last min to attend to an emergency. So well, long story short, my husband and I watched our first Hindi movie on the big screen. :)

… and as I suspected, it was a movie that I absolutely liked. While there are many sites out there that tell you what the movie is all about, I will skip that part and only write about why and what I liked in the movie. There is a certain endearing quality to the movie – well made, extremely aptly cast, bright, and refreshing. Cast could not have been better! I went to the theatre for Konkana’s sake; I was sure she would deliver whatever was given to her. And Ranbir, well I had no opinion till today. What do ya know, he turned out to be a good actor.

The movie’s endearing quality lasts through and through. Ayan, the debutant director hasnt lost pace anywhere. Most of it is delivered believably nicely and well, the songs are absolutely beautiful. The entire movie is smooth flowing, all relationships have been attended to nicely, Ranbir’s expressions are apt, Konkana has acted well in her role, Rahul Khanna is cute, and well so is Ranbir! I definitely didnt expect to say that Ranbir was cute. So, yeah, I definitely enjoyed the movie.

While the movie for the most part relies on the lead pair’s relationship being platonic, which is cute, the slow turn of events when that changes and they both begin to fall in love is very cute too, especially since they are so “not right” for each other. But there is that certain click to them, and well, that is all that matters. The romantic in me was happy, and I hope that romantic in me never dies.

Now: Past 11 pm. Its pouring outside the window. The window is right behind me. The breeze is carrying in the mild sprays of rain. I am on the bed with the laptop; husband is next to me with his laptop. Iktara is playing from mine.

Did you watch the movie ? What did you think of the movie? If you havent yet watched it, are you likely to?

PS: Ranbir is a camera toting free-spirited guy, who comes alive when he is behind the camera. What is not to like about that? :)

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  1. First hindi movie together…can’t believe it..:-)

    Enjoyed your take on the movie, now I am certainly going to watch it…even if it sounds like a chick flick..:-)

  2. the movie had a camera in it …ah ha ..me thinks you watched the movie for that camera .:):) give me Ranbir anyday :):)

  3. First hindi movie!! Unbelievable! You guys must be like one of those who told Sudhamshu “Why do you want to know the directions to xyz theatre. It only plays Hindi movies”!! :) lol!

    “Wake Up Sid” has been on our radar for a while now but havent managed to watch it yet. This review makes me want to now. May be after Diwali tho :) And yes, whats not like abt a guy who loves his camera 😀

  4. Mahipal, Nagsh, first Hindi movie on the big screen together. But yeah, even otherwise we could probably count with the fingers on one hand the no.of Hindi movies he and I have watched together. :)

    Mahipal, I am glad. Let us know how you like it. :)

    Shilpa … lol well it was one of the factors, but not the only one. :))

    Nagesh, lol didnt know somebody told that to Sudhamshu. :) Do watch it. You may like it, but I think your wife will love it. :))

  5. “I too liked the movie….Rather I quite agree with the review posted here.
    Wake Up Sid – growing up is not all that bad

  6. We are similar – not terribly into Bollywood, and cant remember the last one we watched together. This one sounds good, will check it out – and with him!

  7. I so..oo agree with your review. Though I don’t write movie reviews I was forced to write about this one after seeing it. For a first hindi movie together, you got one of the best according to me.

  8. Overall I liked the movie

  9. My little one and I watched it on netflix. Loved the movie. Just thought she was older looking than him. But it was a fun movie. :)

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