The decade that went by

It was probably the most significant decade of my life – 2000 – 2009. I entered the decade newly married … starting out a new life with one of the nicest guys I know. We set up home, hit the road often, traveled a lot and had a fun, happy time. I know I will remember the earlier half of this decade fondly all my life.

I became a mom – we have 2 lovely children now. Parenting has been the most challenging thing I have ever done – I take it seriously, try and do my best as a mom, am always around for them and they are my number 1 priority. I doubt if anything will change that ever. I am glad I know my priorities when it comes to the basics. However, I may be pretty lost when it comes to prioritizing things that lie on the fringe. Oh well!

Hope they never lose their sense of wonder ...

The kids

Dad was diagnosed of cancer. All of us struggled a lot through that. The last years of this decade will probably signify that the most. He passed away a year ago – leaving behind sadness beyond measure in me. I didnt realise how shattering it could be losing somebody close. Losing him has changed me a lot – unknowingly I think of him way too much and feel terrible at our loss of his unconditional love. I feel especially bad when I think of what my children have lost. Some things are so irreplaceable.

Discovered blogosphere – I have always enjoyed writing, and found the medium of blogging to instantly publish myself very satisfying. The ease with which I could interact with other people helped a lot – I am glad the r2blore blog is of use to many others moving back to India after having lived abroad. I have worked as a writer in the US and continue to keep at it in spite of choosing to stay at home with the kids. I published my writings in the Deccan Herald and .

Founded and run a website – . It acts especially as a forum for parents looking up school info for some of the cities in India. I realised how much parents are keen to research and do ground work before deciding on a school because of all the school talk on my blog. Zeeksha has picked up enough momentum and has reviews and feedback flowing in from many a parents and this has come to be a valuable resource for school and education info.

Marriage is a little more than a decade old now. Sure feels strange – I dont remember it being that old, but then … it is. We have stood by each other through all of it. I am happy with the choice I made of marrying whom I did.

It was also in this decade that I found one of the most satisfying things to do –  photography. While I have always enjoyed it and knew it since my teens, I didnt really pursue it in any sense of the word. But now, things are different. I know I enjoy it, I know I find it satisfying, I now also know that I enjoy doing it professionally. I did natural candid portrait shoots for families, did photoshoots for couples – again natural, not posed, did weddings too – again staying away from the posed cheesy kind of shots but shooting people and events to capture the moment. I have shoots lined up for the new year, weddings included.

My work was published in Better Photography (India) magazine. I have also been narrowed down as one of the finalists for the ‘Emerging Photographer of the Year’ on – See here.

2009 was a good year – I started taking up photoshoots, did writing assignments, and saw myself growing. Hopefully, 2010 will be more satisfying.  I have a facebook page for my photography – and currently am using that as a professional front for my work. I continue to upload on my flickr stream, which is where I started sharing my work initially.

So that’s how the decade has been for me. How has it been for you? Here’s wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2010.

Break on through to the other side

Break on through to the other side …