One of my pics is published and is on the cover of ‘Oryx’ Feb 2010

I am happy to share that a London publishing house chose one of my pictures to be on the cover of one of the inflight magazines they publish – The Oryx, Feb edition. If you are flying the Qatar Airways this Feb, do check the cover page out.

Published - Oryx Cover Feb 2010

Here’s the link – Magazine’s online version

I had originally posted this image here on my flickr stream.

Aakasha Mallige

If you are familiar with Bangalore, you may have seen these flowers fallen on the streets – by far, one of the most fragrant flowers. These are called ‘Aakasha Mallige’ in Kannada, which literally translates to ‘Sky Jasmine’. The trees are tall and fill up with these flowers in the months of Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov. They bloom in the evenings, I think, and the flowers fall from the trees during the night. Some of the streets in Bangalore are lined with these trees and in the mornings when you go for a walk, you practically have a fragrant floral carpet to welcome you!

PS: I am terribly sorry for not writing here as much as I would like to. I have been very busy with a bunch of photography work and assignments; if not anything, I am hoping to at least update the blog about that work of mine.