Lord Aprameya Swamy Temple at Doddamalur

Doddamalur is a quaint little village about 60 Kms from Bangalore and 3 Kms from Channapatna. The village is right off the Bangalore-Mysore highway. This village is famous for its ancient Sri Aprameya temple.

Gopura - Chitra Aiyer Photography

This temple also houses the crawling Krishna idol, known as the ambegal Krishna. This idol is truly beautiful – a crawling baby Krishna with lovely eyes and butter in His hands.

There’s quite a bit of the temple’s history on the internet, so I wont replicate any of it. However let me share the feeling I got when I was inside the temple – a sense of the enveloping peace inside the premises, the absolute quiet, the feeling of being transported to back in time. The calm ancient walls and pillars, the open-to-sky corridor that runs around the main temple, the weathered granite stones add to a sense of aged wisdom. It was like as if the temple had seen it all and was simply content and happy. Beautiful, I must say. The only reason I was at this temple was because I was shooting a wedding at another temple in Doddmallur. I visited the temple on the wedding day morning during a brief break and it was a beautiful experience. I must go back again sometime with the family – I loved the feeling of being away from the mad city rush.

Here’re also some pics that I shot at the temple.

looking Out - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Looking out from the inside – also seen is the main door of the temple

Main Door Detail - Chitra Aiyer Photography

The detail of the main door

Peeping - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Right next to where the ‘Ambegal’ shrine is, is a well; a couple of women were just checking the well out … :)

Pradakshina - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Frames - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Meditating - Chitra Aiyer Photography

I ran into the groom at this temple, where he wanted to start the important day off with Sandhyavandhan and meditation.  A candid shot of his quiet moment

A sprint - Chitra Aiyer Photography

 A little kid making the most of all the beautiful space …

A temple tower peeps through - Chitra Aiyer Photography

The Bougainvillea that makes a beautiful cover at the entrance of the temple, and the tower seen partially through the beautiful flowers.

Waiting - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Some elderly beggars outside the temple …

From the village main road - Chitra Aiyer Photography

The temple as seen from the village main street

After this, I went to shoot the wedding at the next temple. More pics of the wedding itself is here – Chitra Aiyer Photography Facebook page

Will share more pics of the wedding here too.

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  1. Ah! Now I know what having your cake and eating it too means :):)

  2. dear friend,
    really a nice collection of temple details. carefully photographed and iam fascinated about the beauty of these architecture and the treasure.thank u keep it up.we are also bhramins-iyengars(thenkalai)poorvikam thiruchi.settled in chennai for occupation.with kind regards.
    padmanabhan ravindran

  3. u r pic are truly….picturesque..
    what camera and lens..do u click with

  4. nice pics even i had been there i have my business friend

  5. hiee fotos are amazing
    rememberd me the good old days of my grand pa

  6. Beautiful.
    A series on the temples in and around Bangalore would make a great book/blog/exhibition. And I think you would be the right person to do that! :)

  7. what a visual treat your latest blog is. The photos have a nostalgic feel, maybe because it is b&w. and your write up is also on par with the photos. Good work.

  8. Thanks folks – glad you enjoyed the post.

    Mumbai paused – thanks for the idea. Lets see. :)

  9. This is my mother’s maternal house temple. After both the kids were born we had been to the temple and performed all the various rites to Ambgal Krishna :-) So lovely to see the temple in black and white. I have similar pictures of my parents and kids near the well and also along the corridors. The priests are wonderful and let you just sit quietly and contemplate.
    Thank you.

  10. Lovely Temple – one of my favourite ones from my childhood – I always called it the Jagadhodharana temple (I understand the song was written about this Krishna?) and my brother and son both have Aprameya as one of their names :)

  11. less word to describe to the beauty of these photos

  12. The photo of the elderly people termed as beggars do not quite match with the photos describing the historical temple portrayed through the album of beautiful photos displayed.

  13. Can you please email a photo of
    Lord Sri Aprameya Svami ?

    Much obliged.


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