Photo-shoot for a bunch of passing out college kids

It is that time of the year …. the academic year is coming to a close in schools and colleges; and I got this opportunity to shoot a bunch of college kids who will be passing out in a couple of months. They have been together for the last 4 years, have hung out together, have had loads of fun, and will remember those years warmly for the rest of their lives. It is also this friendship that they list as their most treasured memory from these years. The college itself didnt seem to have appealed to them too much. The good thing is they have all gotten placements and are beginning their new journeys soon. Here’s wishing them all, the very best for their futures …

The shoot itself was a lot of fun – hanging out with them, laughing at all their jokes. The funny thing of course was when some of them thought I looked like one of them myself. Then, I had to briefly introduce myself as this mom of 2 who has been married for a decade.

Here are some of the pics from the session. Will be uploading more on Chitra Aiyer Photography FB page shortly.

Those days - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Putting the heads together - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Putting all the heads together …

Yay - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Give me one! - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Seating comfort - Chitra Aiyer Photography

As we wound up - Chitra Aiyer Photography

I hope the pics bring back some of your own carefree memories …

12 Responses to “Photo-shoot for a bunch of passing out college kids”

  1. These will be preserved for years. Wish I had pics like these from college.

  2. thanks a lot chitra………these will be preserved forever :)

  3. Where were you when I was in college?

  4. These are some really nice pictures. I’m sure the people in them are gonna cherish these 10-20 yrs down the line :)

  5. happy days of lifetime will b cherished for lifetime

  6. I dont see anyone ‘passing out’ here 😛 All said, lovely pictures. I miss my good old college days. BTW, doesn’t this open up a new opportunity for photographers? This is probably the first time I’m hearing college students getting the help of a photographer to cherish their memories. :)

  7. Thanks folks – glad you all liked the pics. :)

    Niranj, yeah thought about that before typing it. :))
    Thanks – glad you like them. :)
    Yeah, probably the first time – but anyway, everything is to be clicked rt? :)

  8. I could’ve written the exact same thing as Niranj has written! But, heck, now I have to think of writing something else!
    Using Sepia & B/W was certainly very good to aid nostalgia (when it does it hit them later on!). The 2nd pic is the best of ’em all!

  9. Loooooooooooved these pics Chitra. And yes it did bring back lots of good memories from my college, hostel and AIESEC days….sigh! Good to see them engaging professionals like you to treasure the moments. How did you get them to jump and do natural stuff without looking conscious? That’s pretty cool.

  10. Sudhamshu, lol I am sorry you didnt get to have your say – next time perhaps. 😛
    Thanks – glad you liked the pics.

    Divs, thanks so much for liking it as much. :)
    hmmm … as far as without looking conscious goes, that’s part of my job profile – if i dont get that from folks in front of the cam, i might as well rest the camera. :)

  11. Awesome pics Chitra!

  12. I loved the picture where all the kids are jumping up. It seems to be a new favorite. I still love looking at the old pictures at my parents house. There is one where I am holding a turtle when we had gone to the Turtle Research Center(??) near Kovalam, Madras.

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