Chitra Aiyer Photography on ArtnLight

The very talented Vineeta Nair of ArtnLight recently featured my photography. Do drop by and check the post out.

Chitra Aiyer Photography on artnlight

I was touched by the amount of effort she has put in to portray my work. Thanks Vineeta!

About Vineeta Nair: She is an ex-advertising art director, who has one of the best design blogs around – she writes about design, decor and India. She also features homes, artists, photographers, local shopping and her travels. The artist in her makes the visuals of the blog very beautiful. What I really like is her mature design style – very sophisticated.

She is an independent design consultant with a growing decor accessories business. She personally designs and creates fantastic decor accessories – do check this link out to see her amazingly beautiful work.

5 Responses to “Chitra Aiyer Photography on ArtnLight”

  1. wow. thanx Chitra :) dont know what to say about all these nice things you’ve said about my blog & my work. But I hope you are reading all the glowing tributes your work is getting in the comments section of my post.
    so we are an official mutual admiration society :)

  2. Great to see your work being showcased Chitra. Congrats.

  3. Chitra, I’ve been a big fan of your pics and scraps for a year now and njoyed each and every post. All the r2i blogs from you were like a mirror to the lifestyle at home….The fact that r2i posts stopped and a new CA with more pics and kids stuff reflects river of life flowing constantly….and also they say, life is more fluid and dynamic in India than anywhere we migrated to.

  4. LOL Vineeta, we sure are. :)

    Shalini, thanks.

    Sharath, thanks for your words and encouragement.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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