Climbing Up the Melukote Hill

Melukote is a quaint little town about half an hour from the town of Mandya. When you are headed to Mysore on the Bangalore – Mysore road, just after Mandya is a right turn towards Sravanabelagola. On that road, Melukote is after about 40 Kms.

I first visited Melukote with my B. Architecture batch-mates in our first year for the survey of the beautiful kalyani or the temple tank. We had then stayed there for about a week and I really liked how cute and peaceful the town was. Always had wanted to go back, and it is only recently that I was able to go there. Last weekend, my family and I went there with our friends, and though it was a small little trip, I will need more than one post to cover the trip and to include the pics that I want to.

My most favorite part of the trip was the climb up to the top of the hill where there is the Yoganarasimha temple. Even as we reached the town, we could spot the temple at the top and the pathway that led to the temple. What delighted me immensely was when I could even see the trees that lined the pathway leading to the top were none other than my favorite Frangipani trees.

We reached the town by around 3.30 pm and started the climb only at around 5.00. The idea was to reach up to enjoy the sunset.

Frangipani trees along the edges - Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

The pathway is very nicely laid with little rest-stops with entrance-ways and the beautiful frangipani trees lining the entire stretch.

One o the many entranceways - Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

This series, it was hard to make black and white pics because the colors were all too gorgeous to lose – beautiful blue skies, lovely colors on the people, beautiful golden light all around and the fabulous old granite stones.

Religious markings - Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

Here’re some elements that depict the religious activities that people seem to take part in while climbing – turmeric, vermilion, coconut pieces, the remains of burnt camphor.

People on the way up - Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

The fallen frangipani flowers looked beautiful and welcoming on the steps.

Handful of Heaven - Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

Frangipani flowers are one of the most divine smelling flowers and this here is my daughter who was collecting the fallen ones on our way up. It delights my heart to see that she loves these flowers just as much as I do.

Looking up - Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

Daughter climbing up with us - Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

Juicy cucumbers - Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

The fresh cucumbers that this man was selling with salt and chilly were juicy and crunchy!

Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

A delightful girl we met - Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

A sweet little local girl we met as we climbed up – I loved her smile and of  course the beautiful golden light that caressed her.

Temple tower peeks - Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

The beautiful blue skies and the peeking temple tower as we reached the top.

The temple tower - Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

Neer Mor - watered down spicy buttermilk - Melukote, Chitra Aiyer Photography

At the last turn, just before the temple, were these buttermilk vendors. In South India, it is a simple summer drink – the flavored watered down buttermilk – awesome to quench the thirst and wonderful on the taste buds. We made a stop to enjoy the rusticdrink

Long post with too many pics, I know. But, really this is the cut down version. I loved this little trek up and I love the quaintness of this place. Will post more pics of the town, its beautiful kalyani, the temple and the views from the top.

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  1. lovely post..thanks for sharing..yearning to visit that place :)

  2. your eye for detail is so overwhelming Chitra.I loved the small write up and the pictures as always are truly wonderful!thankyou so much and keep up the good work!!

  3. You chose the perfect time. The golden light makes the place look very beautiful!

  4. nice! Agree with MP – you chose a good time – the light is lovely!

  5. Thanks Sindhu, Renuka, Gopal, Charu.

    Sindhu, hope you get to visit the place.

    Gopal, Charu the choice of time was intended for good photography – no way was the bright day light going to be good, so planned the entire thing around the evening light. :)

  6. wow , this looks like a photo essay.
    the pictures speak volumes about your photographic talent.

  7. lovely pictures

  8. Nice pictures…the Narasimha temple on top is our family get to go there at least a couple of times a year…but must say appreciate it even more after your pictures

  9. Lovely pictures and writeup, as always :)

  10. GORGEOUS!!!!!! We have been here a few times. I have a picture that Vainu has sent me. It is framed. I love the temple and the way we climb upwards to realize God. I remember going through a cave. I thought how God makes us look at our ego and try to reduce it. I loved your pictures. Maybe next trip. So many things to do :-). It is fantastic that you are doing such a wonderful job with the places and towns that we all go to but forget to record our images. There is a Sanskrit Academy also there with plenty of plants.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  11. Chitra, I think you are a fantastic photographer .
    Sitting here in the UK ,I could almost feel how Melukote was!
    Keep up your good work and Hearty Thanks,
    Keep posting.

  12. Thanks folks. Thanks My3, Prasanna, for your words.

    Vijay, tahnks! Awesome that you go there as often. You must be enjoying the puliyogre often too. :)

  13. Melukote is my mil’s hometown. She was born there. We love it!

  14. Very nice pics. Loved the Frangipani pix.
    Madhu – An 18 month backpacking trip through India

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  16. Melukote looks marvellous! The pictures you’ve captured are so beautiful too. Thanks for sharing all the information!

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  18. Hai chitra

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