Poems by my little girl

My daughter’s face usually brightens up when she speaks of some things – with a smile on her face and twinkle in her eyes, she usually tells me of her little imaginations and ideas. It then occurred to me to ask her to put some of her thoughts into poems. This delighted her no end, the thought that she could write her own poems.

Here’re 2 poems that she has written herself – her first 2. She will turn 7 in June.

In the Happy Garden

Flowers, leaves, and butterflies
In a lovely garden
The birds sing so sweetly
The tune flows along.

Roses, roses, roses
Red, pink, and yellow
The lily in the water
Floating happy pink.

The leaves in the garden
Lush and green
The butterflies so colorful
Fluttering all about.

What a pretty garden
So bright and colorful
Let us have some fun
Playing in the grass
Green so green.

 When tenderness meets tenderness - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Her little hand delicately feeling a tender stalk

Fish’s World

One little fish in a pond
One more came along
From a shark’s mouth
The shark came
From a deep blue sea.

He had fun in the water
But he did not have
Enough water in the pond
So he went back
To the deep blue sea.

Do leave your comments and my daughter and I will read them together. :) Thanks!

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  1. Lovely poems. Keep up the good work :)

  2. Really beautiful!! Too good your daughter is, a poet in the making!

  3. Ooh, lovely verses…. Pls to tell your daughter to keep her words flowing and am loving reading them!! :)

  4. Lovely, loved how the shark had to go back to the sea because there was not enough water. Keep it coming girl!!!

  5. Oh! Such vivid imagination!
    Untainted and so pure.
    Ripe from Nature’s education,
    I feel the child’s delight for sure.

    It was very thoughtful of you to inculcate such a hobby in your daughter. It appears she has found a beautiful way to express what she sees and feel. Tell her she has done well and ask her not to restrain herself when such inspiration strikes! Eager to read more :)

  6. Thanks folks …. very much. :)
    Will definitely post more.

    Sudhamshu, thanks man.
    Even I was tickled to read her first one – that was her very first poem work. I have gotten her to do a lot of writing already. I usually give her topics and get her to write whatever she wants. Of late, the writing has been with a little structure – intro, body, end. The poem is new, for me and her.
    While I can encourage her – I am per se, terrible! While I can write, I have never written any verses. So she is ahead of me. :)

  7. lovely. Innocence – purity That is child And when I/We read such posts we are innocent too. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Did you say she’s 6-years-old? Lovely.

  9. Lovely start by your little girl, Chitra. So simple and sweet. Kudos to her ! :)


  11. Thanks folks. :)
    Been reading all your comments with my daughter – she is mighty thrilled. Thanks very much.

  12. Very good imagination, especially the one on fish :)

  13. Excellent !!! Really talented..

    A good combination mums picture and the little one’s poems

  14. i was bowled by her first one…i doubt i can ever write a poem like that….

    keep kindling her imaginations…we ought to see more

  15. Beautiful imagination. Very well done Shreya, hope you remember us and your friend Sahana..She also writes a lot of stories ,very innocent ,but nice imagination..Way to go girls!! Will show your poems to Sahana,she will be thrilled to read them all…Best Wishes, Anu Aunty

  16. Hello Chitra, I came here for the first time through IndiBlogger site and I am amazed to see some mind-boggling photos which have taken me off my feet! I loved every photo on ur site and each of them is so beautiful, creative and meaningful. Thanks for sharing them on a space like this!

  17. Awesome, indeed. Kids and imagination. Hope she can continue to have her vivid imagination as she grows older.

    Loved the one about the Fish. Guess it was inspired by the water problems in Bangalore :-).

    Way to go!!!


  18. :) Lovely. She definitely admires the small little things and enjoys nature. Hope she inspires many with these writings.

  19. How wonderfully creative of her! Both poems are so sweet and full of delicate energy.

  20. Thanks a lot folks. She is thrilled to see all the comments. :)

    Anu/Sahana, good to see you here – happy to know of the stories you have been writing. WTG.

    Mallika, thanks – glad you like my work. Actually I havent posted my photography work too much on my blog. More is here – http://www.flickr.com/photos/aiyerchitra/ and http://www.facebook.com/ChitraAiyerPhotography
    Thanks again.

    Ganapathy thanks – lol yeah, I guess there are enough such inspirations here. :)

  21. VERY NICE, Your child’s poem. God bless her.

  22. Lovely 😀 😀 😀 Gr8 one shreya…I doubt, me being 17 if I could have come up with anything even close to this!!!

  23. Sweet! :) I can see an artist in the making in her!

  24. Shreya,
    that was lovely — a budding poet in the making!
    Chitra, would love to see more poems from the little poetess

  25. Thanks folks. :)

    Janani, I am sure you will be able to also. Do try. Tahnks for stopping by.

    Sure priya, will post more. Thanks!

  26. Lovely poems! At age 7 these poems are very impressive. She has a wonderful imagination…

    Here’s to many more wonderful poems from the little girl :) and stupendous pictures from the older girl :)

    Facebook’s Lakshmi Naradtales Shankari!!

  27. Great to see such lovely poems from a little one. Fantastic and deep imagination. My daughter is 6 and a half and she is into writing stories and poems these days. We are also from Bangalore and moving back soon from the US.

    Your R2I articles have been very helpful.


  28. Shankari, Subbu – thanks for your encouraging words. :)
    Subbu, glad your daughter is writing also. Also glad that my R2I posts have been helpful.

  29. Wow! Your daughter sure has a way with words :) They are beautiful, simple and so evocative. The 1st has so much visual imagery and the 2nd one is a cute little story. She has a thing with rhyme & meter & all this is a LOT for 7. You should be so proud of her :)

  30. Thanks Vineeta for your words. :)

  31. […] summer vacation, my daughter wrote a few lines as poems. Her first two poems, I posted them here just a few days ago. I am glad many of you liked them and left behind your encouraging comments – […]

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