Forests, safaris, waterfalls and rocky river beds

… that was the theme of our summer vacation this year. Lot of new sights and experiences for the kids; they loved seeing the many animals in the wild and trekking on precarious, slippery rocky river beds. All of us enjoyed being amidst nature’s thick vegetation and pristine waters. Standing/sitting under beautiful waterfalls, wading in rivers and streams, having a waterfall only to ourselves, trekking through forests, teaching the kids to do adventurous things while being careful were all fun and rejuvenating.

It was a long road trip; we covered Irpu, Nagarhole, Tholpetty, Kuruva islands, Thirunelly, Soochipara, Bandipur, and Mudumalai.

Some pics from the trip. Will write about these places in different posts.

Daughter enjoying the flowing waters

The kids waving at a deer. We saw many many spotted deers in their natural setting – the animal that we sighted the most.

The kids enjoying the climb up to a tree house

The trek up on a rocky river bed. We had a nice stretch of river in a private property all to ourselves one evening. Splendid.

Our stays were in homestays and cottages; we always love interacting with the local people and eating the local cuisine. Since returning to India, during most of our trips, we have typically stayed in homestays and have had pleasant stays in beautiful settings.

Husband and I have always been on the road a lot – the one way to really see life and culture from close quarters. The easy way to shop local, the easy access to talking to the folks on the streets and in their native tongue as much as possible. The kids have gotten used to the rhythm of being on the road too. And I enjoy seeing things from their points of view.

Daughter goes back to school in less than a week. Son is home for a little longer. And with that we start another year. Daughter will start 2nd grade and somehow it is harder for me this time around, since the class no.s are only going to go up from now on. Kindergarten and Montessori years are so much nicer; their growing up doesnt stare you in the face.

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  1. Nice writeup. Looks like you guys had a blast. How do you pick you homestay?. Is there a website?

  2. Looks like a wonderful vacation. Enjoy every moment with them. They grow up too fast. It looks like your kids are having a fantastic time and you are not a hovering parent, letting them explore on their own. These kinds of children will grow up to be investigative and will never tolerate unfair actions. Wonderful :-)

  3. What a perfect summer vacation from a child’s point of view…and mine too :-) Love the shot of your daughter enjoying the flowing water. And yes, it’s great to stay at small local places to get a real feel of the place.

  4. I love that you all stay in homestays. Can’t believe your “summer” is over; ours doesn’t start for a few more weeks.

  5. Have been enjoying your blog…the pics are just beautiful. We are planning to relocate to BLR in July. Getting a lot of useful info from your blog. One thing we keep reading about in BLR is about water shortage…how bad is it and how are you dealing with it?

  6. Arvind, thanks – yes, we had a wonderful time. In the beginning, we asked friends for recos. After we got into the rhythm of it, we kind of did our research online and picked what appealed to us. Till now, we have not had any negative experiences. People have been especially nice and run good homestays. I havent written about all of them on my site, maybe I will get around to it. However, do check out the ones I have written about.

    My3, thanks for your words … like always. I dont believe in hovering. Also, I have seen how damaging hovering can be. Dont want to do that to my kids. :) I am sure you are wonderful parent too.

    Shalini, I am sure this is your kinds. :) I am very happy for you – wishing you many many wonderful vacations with your little girl.

    Lufie, yes, we enjoy experiencing the real deal. Character less hotels are strictly a no-no. Resorts are our next choice after homestays and cottages.
    We had a big rain yesterday and clearly we are steering away from summer. And our summer doesnt extend into June. Enjoy your summer, Luf.

  7. AB, thanks – glad you like my blog and also glad that it has been of use. We have only lived in apartment complexes since returning. Typically, in communities, you are not at the direct receiving end, the community’s association takes care of the water supply. However, recently when there was a canal breach, things went bad and we all had to watch how we used every drop. This however isnt the case on a day-today basis.
    The other thing is also the huge power shortage. Again, we have only lived in communities that provide power back-up. Otherwise, I dont think I would have been able to handle it. Maybe, one of these days, I will write an r2blore post – havent written one in a long while.

  8. ah, lovely!

  9. Lovely shots Chitra..nice write up..Look forward to reading more 😀

  10. Thanks Pradeep.
    Thanks Kits. Yes, will post more. :)

  11. OMG ….. u must have such a great time …. homestays or cottage are so interesting … love reading ur post :)

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