Manjarabad fort, Sakleshpur

This is a long pending post from the Sakleshpur trip. One of the things to do, while you are in the neighborhood is to visit the Manjarabad ford, which is located just outside of Sakleshpur on National Highway 48. The fort was built by Tippu Sultan as a strategic defensive location

It is also believed that he constructed a tunnel from this fort to another fort in Srirangapattana near Mysore. The guides there even showed us the closed doors to this tunnel, almost right at the center inside the fort. Apparently, it had to sealed off as the tunnel had many reptiles.

While I expected the fort to look like, well, a fort, this one is very different – it is almost just an excuse to get up there to enjoy the beautiful views of the beautiful western ghats.

Fort wall, Manjrabad, Sakleshpur - Chitra Aiyer Photography

View from Manjrabad, Sakleshpur - Chitra Aiyer Photography

After climbing a few hundred steps up to the fort, you arrive at the arched entrance-ways, the architecture style of which is Islamic. It is well kept and very clean. The steps to climb up are also well laid and even the elderly should not find it too strenuous.

Entranceway, Manjrabad, Sakleshpur - Chitra Aiyer Photography

At the entrance, Manjrabad, Sakleshpur - Chitra Aiyer Photography

It is so green inside the fort, what with the entire insides filled with grassy contoured ground, you forget that it is a fort you are visiting. Only the binding fort walls are fort-like.

In the fot, Manjrabad, Sakleshpur - Chitra Aiyer Photography

The archways you see in the following picture are entrances to the semi-open chambers. The chambers inside have hardly any height, so I am guessing they were just used to sleep in.

Manjrabad, Sakleshpur - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Chamber inspection, Manjrabad, Sakleshpur - Chitra Aiyer Photography

A walk along the fort wall is probably the best activity to do – to enjoy the beautiful landscape that spreads out in all directions from the fort. Here’re a couple of shots from inside the little minarets at the fort. Notice below is another minaret seen through the slit.

View from a slit, Manjrabad, Sakleshpur - Chitra Aiyer Photography

View from another slit, Manjrabad, Sakleshpur - Chitra Aiyer Photography

In the first picture in this post, the man is standing on a minaret.

My next post is going to be about how this fort brought out the stark difference in my children’s personalities. Just a series of pics and you will see the starkness. :) Will follow it up soon…. | Posted now – Read here.

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  2. Beautiful post. With my cup of tea I felt as I was visiting this fort. To add to the effects…the weather is so gloomy here in Dubai. Thank you for starting my day in such a beautiful way.

  3. I had passed through sakleshpur many a times but I did not see it. I would like to visit this place. I is really nice

  4. Beautiful! I am sending this to my Dad. His grand-father came from this area. Thanks Chitra!

  5. Thanks Suman – glad you liked this.

    Sathyavageeswaran, it is right on the highway, but you cant see it from the road. However, it is very easy to find, when you ask the localites.

    My3, you are very welcome. Good to know your family is from this surrounds. Beautiful!

  6. good travelogue. Will be added to my list of places to visit.

  7. What a gorgeous post Chitra! I LOVED each and every single photograph in this pic & would have been hard put to pinpoint favs if you asked :) Still my favs are the 1st 3rd, 6th & 7th pics – Beautiful beautiful fort. Thank you so much for sharing this. You must forgive this completly ignorant question, how far from Bangalore?

  8. Nice post. It was really green when I visited the place too. I think the season in which you visit this place will make a lot of difference to how much you can enjoy the place.

    We visited the place in October (I think) and it was great.

    Must visit – if you are driving that side of the country.


  9. Thanks Amar – sure, do.

    Vineeta, thanks! Glad you like the pics. :) Sakleshpur is about 5 hrs from B’lore on the way to M’lore. Please follow the link at the start of this post for more details.

    Thanks Ganapathy – yeah, for the lovely green surrounds, during and after the monsoons will be very nice.

  10. lovely post chitra..

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  12. Thanks for this, have been there long time ago to see and feel where my ancestry is from.

    Looking at this is pure nostalgia for me. If there is a video if possible direct me to that if available anywhere

    Thanks again

  13. Really appreciate your efforts, wonder what caught your attention to visit this place, truly a mystical relic.

  14. It is so nice. . . Amazingi. . . .

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