Melukote Kalyani

A kalyani is a temple tank, which is usually near a temple and used for temple activities. The kalyani at Melukote (more pics from Melukote here) is huge and is at the base of the hill – the temple is at the top of this hill. (Read here about the climb up) Stone steps lead to the water on all four sides and the pillared shelters that border the steps give this kalyani a rich cultural feel.

What makes the kalyani interesting is also its backdrop – the hill with the temple tower at the top.

The temple tower from the kalyani, Melkote - Chitra Aiyer Photography

This kalyani has been used for shooting many Kannada movie sequences. Even when we visited it last month, there was a film crew that was shooting from across where we were – the gathering that you see across the tank in the 2 pics below.Film crew, Melkote - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Film crew, Melkote - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Kalyani, Melkote - Chitra Aiyer Photography

, Melkote - Chitra Aiyer Photography

This family was throwing puffed rice into the tank for the fish.

Puffed rice for the kalyani fish, Melkote - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Kalyani structure, Melkote - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Kalyani steps, Melkote - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Kalyani, Melkote - Chitra Aiyer Photography

The kalyani steps offer a nice seating area for a relaxed break – you can sit here hours on end, noticing the little happenings around you and nobody will bother you. Watching the gentle ripples in the water and getting the sense of time standing still is a welcome relief to any city-dweller.

Outside the Kalyani, Melkote - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Just outside the kalyani, at the foothills ….

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  1. What a great idea. Rain catchment kalyanis have been around. They keep the earth from drying out. They provide year-round supply of water to the temple and the village around it. It is just wonderful to see the scientific knowledge behind all this. There is a also a tank built by Ramnanujacharya in a place called Thondanur. I have never been there.

    Thanks Chitra. It is a veritable travelogue you have here. Treasure trove of information about my beloved state.

  2. nice pics chitra, so peaceful and serene

  3. hey we were there just last week – first time altho I have beein bangalore for over 30 years!
    You have captured the kalyani so beautifully!

  4. Thanks My3 for sharing this info here – I guess the idea to associate such tanks with temples would have been to inculcate the rigour of keeping such waters clean.
    I am glad you like what I have been writing about – I love Karnataka for a variety of reasons, firstly of course for the reason that it is home. It is only my pleasure to blog about it.

    Thanks Jyoti – glad you like the pics.

    Good to know, Usha. I am glad you went. Melukote is really a cute little town and makes for an easy visit from Bangalore.

  5. […] Chitra Aiyer | Melukote Kalyani – view page – cached This post is especially dedicated to the kalyani at Melukote. It is a beautiful kalyani – big and well maintained. This post has pics of this kalyani. Tweets about this link Topsy.Data.Twitter.User[‘aiyerchitra’] = {“photo”:””,”url”:””,”nick”:”aiyerchitra”}; aiyerchitra: “A post about a beautiful, old temple tank – #photography #ChitraAiyer ” 1 day ago view tweet retweet Filter tweets […]

  6. This reminds me of Banganga here in Mumbai. Very similar settings. Movies which require a scene from Varansi are generally shot here much like at the Kalyani.
    Though the temple tank in the picture is far cleaner than the Banganga here :(

  7. Thanks for the info, Nishant. Maybe something to check out when in that neighborhood. :)

  8. Hi Chitra
    just stumbled onto your blog. u have some really nice photos! i loves these temples shots! :)

  9. thanks Pavithra – glad you like them.

  10. Great to meet you in your blogs

  11. That is a lovely write up on Melkote. The pictures of the ‘Kalyani’ are just awesome. In all, you have brought out the calm and serene mood of this ancient temple town exquisitely! It did bring back some wonderful memories of my visit to this place.
    I completely agree that the ‘Thondanur lake’ does make good viewing too and adds a lot more to the temple history.
    Thanks a lot for this precious piece of writing. More such travelogues please……!

  12. Excellent snaps :)

    Our visit to the place , 2 bikes , 2 riders , 300kms 😀

  13. Hi,

    good pictures. what surprises me everytime is that you post pics of other people on your site without their permission i guess. Just like you do not want your family pics to be publicised, same may be the case for most of the public too……….right?


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