Personalities come alive …. at the Manjarabad fort

So, along the Manjarabad fort wall are little minarets from which one can look at the vast landscape through the slit like openings. The tunnel like passageways that lead to these little minarets are short in height and are dark.

You will get a sense of that from the first pic, where I have already gone in and my daughter walks to the entrance and finds me inside. Her pose is very telling of her personality, where when she is up against something new and different, she is going to wait and watch. Yes, this is even if it is mom who is on the other side. Considering that it is the mom, you would think, the girl would walk through and join the mom? Well, no, she has to gauge the tunnel walkway to see if it is something that she can venture into.

Gauging the task on hand - Chitra Aiyer Photography

In the next one, she is analysing and is just not sure about taking the first step when I ask her to join me.

Hesitant at the entrance - Chitra Aiyer Photography

In the 3rd one, she knows it isnt something that should be scaring her, since mom’s already on the other end; but yet, there she is …. and starting on the whine.

Hesitant at the entrance - Chitra Aiyer Photography

In the 4th, after enough of a pep talk from me, she is now gearing up for her adventurous jog in. Notice also, how my son has walked into the scene.

Gearing up at the entrance - Chitra Aiyer Photography

In the next one, when I call my son in, he simply comes. The daughter is mildly amused …. I am guessing by his daredevilry act. :)

Son running towards me - Chitra Aiyer Photography

After a couple more times of him going out and coming in, she eventually “braves” it out to come in.

Coming in at last - Chitra Aiyer Photography

And while she is inside for a brief bit, son continues to jog in and out.

Son just enjoying the going out and coming in - Chitra Aiyer Photography

While this may look like an isolated incident, this is something that brings out their individual personalities literally and pictorially. I see this same pattern happen many times. I am not saying one has to be like the other, just that this is the way they are. And I am ok about that and I now have a photo-story that brings their distinct personalities out step-by-step.

I hope you enjoyed this little photo-story. Are you a parent with children with very differing personalities? Do share.

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  1. Nice description chitra..:)

  2. Loved your description :) This has to be my most fav post on your blog (though I dont read it very often) I simply loved the pictorial metaphor with the dark tunnel, you on the other side and their expressions :) beautiful

  3. Wow! Now this is such a beautiful way of telling a story!
    One person scrutinises a situation before taking a decision, while the other is willing to take a risk without a thought. How beautiful :)

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  5. Wow! This is such a nice way of analyzing their personalities.. maybe I should steal this idea and try it out on Narad also when they are older!!! :)

  6. Interesting ‘Pictory’ Chitraji :-)

    Indeed .. though kids are brought up by same parents in same environment, but still most of the time their traits and behavioral patterns differs based on their perceptional levels and experiences.

    Usually I guess .. at this age, boys are hasty and daring while girls are thoughtful and mild :-)

    – Mahesh

  7. very nice post..nice idea explaining the personalities with the pictures

  8. Thanks folks. :) Glad you all liked the post.

    Shankari, do try. Would love to know the result. :)

    I agree with your words, Mahesh.

  9. The images are one thing but wow, the story is another :)

  10. :) The advantages of being a photographer! You got it all captured.

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  12. Nicely expressed :) Loved the pics too…Thanks for Sharing!

  13. you are such a perfect story teller Chitra – amazing way to capture strikingly different personalities

  14. Thanks Dilip, MumbaiPaused, Roopa, Nima.
    Glad you liked the story/pics.

  15. Loved it!! absolutely!! And I could relate to it in a way. :)

    Thanks for sharing it here Chitra. :)

  16. Lovely Pics….

  17. So true……….:)

  18. I knew it! I knew that he would go first! :)

  19. Very well observed and documented. nice!

  20. Loved the “in pictures” story…

  21. Thanks folks or stopping by – glad you all liked this series.

  22. Dear Chitra,
    Its so true, the instincts tell whether to judge and decide or the trusted 1 is already there so son just rushes to u.

    Its such a learning experience… hw many times i think to plunge inspite of knowing the other person has already crossed the road.

    thank u

  23. Loved the way you narrated this in pictures Chitra! Just wonderful. BTW since I am such a regular at your blog, I thought of sharing my first tag with you. So you’ve been tagged. Pls visit my latest post and see what you need to do :-)

  24. That last shot looks great!

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