Poem ‘Summer’ by my daughter

This summer vacation, my daughter wrote a few lines as poems. Her first two poems, I posted them here just a few days ago. I am glad many of you liked them and left behind your encouraging comments – thank you! Together, she and I read all of them. She is now thrilled about getting “published” here.

Here’s her 3rd poem titled ‘Summer’:

In the summer season
there is no school
playing in the house
so much of fun

Eating fruits like
mangoes, apples, and grapes
swimming in the pool
in the water so fun

The Sun shines so brightly
it is very hot
you should drink water
or apple juice

Climbing trees in Summer - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Here she is climbing a tree with her brother …. this summer

6 Responses to “Poem ‘Summer’ by my daughter”

  1. How sweet! The pleasures of summer are so wonderful seen through her eyes.

  2. That’s so sweet :)
    Getting to know about children’s thoughts makes you wonder how you forget to enjoy little things in life as you grow older..

  3. Thanks Shalini and Aditya. True … seeing things through children’s eyes is really fun.

  4. cute :) so fun :)

  5. So very cute. With no trip to Mysore/Bangalore, my younger one is already bemoaning his jackfruit-less summer.

    Nice to hear about summer from little kids. It takes us all back to our summers when we were young and our only interest was what was being served in whose house and we would make a beeline to the house with the most fun food :-)

  6. Cute snap. My kids are just getting to that age.

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