About ‘Where was it Shot?’

One of my photographer friends, Amar Rameshbabu has started a website called wherewasitshot.com with a couple of his friends. The site is an online catalog for famous/picturesque Indian movie locations. I am posting here the information he has shared with me. Do hop over and check the site out.


If there is one thing that has excited movie lovers as much as the movies they adore, it is the endless trivia associated with the movies themselves. You know, the behind the scene incidents, who was originally supposed to act a given role, the way the music was conceived, how much money the movie made, so on and so forth. But from our experience, the one item that stands above the rest is the locations where our favorite movies were filmed. That breathtaking cascade of water falls, the stunningly beautiful ice capped mountains, the majestic castles, the endless & enchanting tulip fields, silky beaches or for that matter, even that street corner which you frequent. No matter what the location is or where the location is, movie goers across the spectrum are super curious to discover filming locations.

As fellow movie buffs ourselves, we have experienced the same. Whenever we happened to visit a location that has been used extensively in our movies, our excitement knew no bounds. So, that was where the idea for Where Was It Shot first started. We looked around the web to see if there sites that already did what we were wanting to do. There were a few for Hollywood movies but none very comprehensive. And for Indian movies, there was none whatsoever. After that, the idea of wherewasitshot.com began picking up steam and here we are, 2 months down the lane, closing in on our 100 location mark.

Another thing that we noticed during these 2 months is the travel angle to this whole thing. Traveling is something that has caught up big time in the last decade and in their never ending quest for bringing something novel to the table, tour operators have introduced package tours to not any popular tourist spot but to locations that have been used as filming locations in blockbuster Indian movies. This is one area where the site sits very nicely, at the juncture of not just movie lovers, but also travel junkies who are big time movie fanatics as well.

This post, apart from introducing the site to the readers, is also a request not to just visit our site this one time and leave it at that but also to contribute to the site. Send us any filming locations that you know of and those that have not been covered on our site. Point out our mistakes/ incorrect information, if any (there have been many already). Thanks for the patient read. Looking forward to your feedback/ comments/ co-operation.


Football and Kerala … this World Cup

During our summer vacation, we were also in Wayanad. The World Cup football fever has gripped every village and town of north Kerala and has to be seen to be believed. As we drove through little villages in remote corners, faraway from the big roads and highways too, we saw colorful banners supporting the different world-cup-competing countries. Graffiti of the match schedule are all over the place here. Little souvenirs and sun-glasses with different country flags on them were for sale in little shops and street corners!

Didnt take too many pics. Just a couple to show a glimpse of what we saw. Banners in bright colors screaming support to Brazil, Portugal, Italy etc.

Yellows - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Blues, reds, greens - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Football really has a thing about it – the way it brings out the fervour in people. All this, even when India is no where in the competing scene. Really wonder how it would have been if we had had a team from India!

My pics for ‘Zoomin Studios’

Folks, I am happy to announce that ‘Zoomin’ approached me to use my pictures for their in-store samples of various products and other marketing collateral. Here are some pics of their products made from my pics.

Photobooks - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Photobooks and flipbooks

Canvas - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Canvas made from a collage of a family photo-shoot.

More pics from that shoot is here.

Canvas - http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4042/4519236969_40753e7b2d_o.jpg

Another canvas print

More pics from this shoot for a family with a little 18 month old boy is here.

Some more pics from inside the photobooks …

Photobook - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Photobook - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Zoomin has recently launched a number of ‘Zoomin Studios’ where customers can make the most with their photos. Zoomin has stores in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Kolkata and more to come. all the stores carry the same set of samples. Do drop by their stores and check out the pics and their various products. In Bangalore, you can find the Zoomin Studio inside the Crossword store on Residency road. Find directions and store updates here.


More samples from my photo-shoots are here – Chitra Aiyer Photography page on Facebook

I take up photo-shoots for weddings, events, portrait sessions. Feel free to contact me for photo-shoots – chitra @ chitra-aiyer . com