Football and Kerala … this World Cup

During our summer vacation, we were also in Wayanad. The World Cup football fever has gripped every village and town of north Kerala and has to be seen to be believed. As we drove through little villages in remote corners, faraway from the big roads and highways too, we saw colorful banners supporting the different world-cup-competing countries. Graffiti of the match schedule are all over the place here. Little souvenirs and sun-glasses with different country flags on them were for sale in little shops and street corners!

Didnt take too many pics. Just a couple to show a glimpse of what we saw. Banners in bright colors screaming support to Brazil, Portugal, Italy etc.

Yellows - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Blues, reds, greens - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Football really has a thing about it – the way it brings out the fervour in people. All this, even when India is no where in the competing scene. Really wonder how it would have been if we had had a team from India!

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  1. That said. Malayalis love flags! Closely followed by Maharashtrians.

  2. lol MP – loved your comment. :)

  3. wow this is unbelievable

  4. Malayalis are football crazy. Only recently has it been overshadowed by cricket..Otherwise football players were treated like legends..IM Vijayan and Sathyan are just two names…:)

  5. Hi,
    Nice write up, am writing a series of article on Football World cup and people of Malabar, so while searching for some interesting news, landed up in your blog.

  6. football is THE game… unlike cricket.. which I find lazy :)

  7. If we had a team from India, perhaps our nation would turn a football crazy nation from being a cricket crazy one.

  8. Very interesting indeed….

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