Inception – my thoughts

Gist – The movie isnt as incredible as it could have been. In spite of that, I left the theatre feeling exhilarated.

Inception Poster

Having said that, I will go on to elaborate ….

So, why do I think it isn’t as incredible as I think it could have been? Simply because Nolan is a narrator, he tells you everything from start to end and in correct order and explains every minute little thing, making sure you understand the weirdness of it all. And that robs away your having to decipher something. Had he, lets say, chosen at times to simply leave clues … It may have been much nicer. kwim?

He spells it all out for you and very very simply. Now that is talent in itself. No doubt about it. To think up something this bizarre and to be able to condense it all to something that a layman would understand. Immense talent! What he does prove, like he has before, is that he really is very good and has made a niche for himself. My husband and I thought that he probably needs a little bit of Quentin in him – we thought if Tarantino had a little something to do with ‘Inception’, the movie may have been near perfect – with that haphazardness, with a little bit of gore …. *smiles*

Anyway, my interest in ‘Inception’ was to see, if I had found that one movie since Matrix 1 that would completely blow me away and take the slot away from Matrix 1 amongst the recent movies. And the answer is no. Matrix 1 still is the ruler and is well secured in its spot at 2, for me. So, you ask me what is at 1? Well, I have had to go through many a discussions in my head about Godfather 1 and Matrix 1, and for many reasons that I know and for many that I dont, the answer has always been that Godfather 1 is still the numero-uno movie for me. However, with all the high tech suaveness, I really hope there comes that 1 incredible movie that can do what Matrix 1 was able to do – to leave me in awe and to have me watch it a million times and still be in awe. What a fantastic movie – to take a concept in its absolute purity and simplicity and weave a tale with such deftness and complexity. … well, amazing – the Wachowski brothers have my full respect. Yeah, yeah, I know. I am just a weird geek.

What is the deal with me and this mission to finding that certain movie? Well, if there is any art that gets my complete admiration, then it is the art of movie making. Watching a movie means a heck of a lot – the genre is immaterial. It just has to be very well made.

Anyway, coming back to ‘Inception’, it is well made and all the effects are appropriate, the music track is awesome and the last part of the movie is really extremely well made. The way all the levels of the dream come to an end so beautifully – the feeling is really wonderful. And finally, when DiCaprio wakes up, returning from limbo, it really is mind-blowing. The music around then is also just perfect. Hence the second part of my gist – leaving the theatre exhilarated.

I am afraid this isn’t a review , where I am talking about the story or the scenes, there are many sites on the internet which do that. This is simply about my feeling about the movie. I really hope that maybe one day Nolan and Tarantino will work together and make something really great.  : )


Have you watched ‘Inception’? Did you like it? Do share.

And if you are a geek like I am, please do let me know. Would love to share notes.  : )

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  1. Hi Chitra

    Yep, i saw the movie,, and i loved it! Not too much of a sci fi fan, but this movie had me glued from the minute Go… The idea, the way it had all been laid out, the shots, the background score… amazing!!

    Nolan is the only guy i’ve noticed who has the entire audience involved and reacting… standing ovation, gasps, sigh of relief- see it all:))

  2. Chitra,
    As the say in radio shows – I am a long time listener first time caller.
    Inception is turning out to be the movie event of this summer. Some of the follow up discussions I am involved in include:
    *** Spoiler alert***
    1) there is an unverified suggestion that the spinning talisman gets a conclusion at the end of the credits.
    2) why are Cobb’s kids wearing the same dress in the final frames as in his previous visions – a suggestion that it is still a dream?

  3. Very true what you said about ‘Godfather’.
    It will always be number one favorite on my list too.
    No high tech stuff.. just raw emotions. Godfather will always be remembered for rock-solid performances..!!

  4. Hey, one more similarity there! Matrix is my all time favorite movie as well!! :)

    As I walked out of the theater after watching Inception, my exact words to my friends were – “I’m sure it will be a great blockbuster this summer, but it won’t be a cult movie like Matrix.”

    That said, I don’t think Inception had everything clearly laid out. It definitely ‘seems’ to have everything clearly laid out and everybody will come out of the theater with “a” perfect understanding of what happened in the movie. in that way, it’s clearer than Memento. Or even Following. However, I’ve been thinking about a few scenes and reading up a bunch of articles and forums (like any good geeky movie buff would do), and I now think there’s much much more to the movie.

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  6. Hello,

    Many have insisted that this movie is one that shouldn’t be missed. Hoping to see it on this weekend.

    And by the way, I love your photography.. Hoping to become a photographer like you..

  7. wonderful article and movie review…u almost sounded like a sadistic version of Masand ;)…lol..jokes apart..

    I am yet to see it…it’s on my wishlist for this Sat night…

    I def echo your thoughts on numero uno anytime…

    I found this article on Time…Top 10 movies that mess with your mind….suprisingly I don’t see Matrix1 on it..hmm!,29569,2004163,00.html

    anyways..check it out…being a geek…i am sure you would have covered the entire list by now..I have 5 more to go…

  8. lol! I could not but stop myself laughing out loud once I had read this review. You know what, it is so very unexpected coming from you. For me… Chitra is that measured, perfect person who weighs every word, has the right word each time and has a rhyme and reason for everything. And this writeup is so free… no holds barred…! Coming back to the point… Inception is very high on my todo list. Now just if Decathlon next weekend gets done quickly! :)

  9. I loved the idea and most of the movie. However, the idea was reduced to become an excuse to bombard us with beautifully shot action scenes. Luckily, he strings it all towards the end.

  10. folks – thanks for all the comments….

    Aarti, glad you enjoyed the movie.

    Vijay, welcome. Glad to have you over.
    I think the spin top wobbles a little. It isnt as smooth as it would have been if it were in a dream …. What do you think? But anyway, I will look back and recollect all the jarring scenes from “reality” (next post perhaps) and maybe it will be obvious that the entire thing was a dream?!

    Gaurav, glad you think so. :)

    Aditya, glad you like Matrix as much. :) But I am not saying Matrix is my all time fave movie ….
    Anyway, the over analysing I am not sure is needed. If the thought didnt occur while watching the movie itself, I am not sure I want to chase it. That said, do pl email me the links. 😛

    Praveen, enjoy the movie. Glad you like my work. All the best pursuing photography …

    lol Biju. Honestly I havent read any of Masand’s reviews to know if I am his sadistic version of him or not. Enjoy the movie. Also, from that list, I have only watched 3!!! Maybe I am not geeky enough … lol

    whoa nagesh, you mean to say this post isnt written with the right words? 😛 You wont believe it, but this is very well thought out and written also …. Movies are serious business with me, and well I mean everything I wrote. :) Anyway, glad you had fun. Do enjoy the movie. Come back and tell us what you thought ….

    Mumbai paused, I actually thought, we could have had more action scenes!!! The first half of the movie was just plain vanilla and blah! Dont you think it would have been slicker with more action. After the first half, I got used to thinking it was just a mind game and was surprised when the action scenes started. lol It does come together very well. Really, he is some dude for thinking this all up.

  11. Nope… not that this isnt written well enough. It is just that I found it far more freer a expression of thoughts than your other posts. Not that you dont say what you want to say in the others… you do have a way with words you know :) Just that this post I see a more exuberant freer version of you as compared to your other posts :) May be we should have a discussion on this next time round we meet! 😀

  12. lol Nagesh …
    Sure, lets. Even otherwise, we have to meet before you leave. :)

  13. nice movie n concept of a levels of dream in dreams is wonderful n de caprio is superb

  14. Am totally dying to see the movie. Am glad u didn’t give the plot away even though the papers have :)

  15. I would rate The Prestige much higher than Inception. And, I.Am.Surprised.That you & I walked out the theatre feeling exactly the same.

  16. A rather long comment:
    The movie finally hit the theaters in this part of the world – and I didn’t want to miss it – Thanks to all my friends back home who kept telling me that the movie was awesome and that I should watch it. The trailers and posters did the job too. Ended up googling for cinema halls here, and then using Chinese-English translator to find out the name of the movie. 😛 It came out something like ‘Pirates of Dream Space’ – took a while for me before I realized that it IS Inception and I should have paid more attention to the basics of the language.

    About the movie, I wasn’t disappointed :) Loved the movie. Worth all the trouble (including the 1 hour drive in the taxi and traffic jams to get to the 8 PM show last Sunday). One of the few movies I truly enjoyed since last year or so. Kept me on the edge of the seat, not a boring moment. Best part about theaters here is that there is no intermission :)

    BTW, next time you write a movie review, make sure you keep other movies off it 😛

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