Just a blade of grass

This isnt a post about anything really, but just about a blade of grass ……

I love seeing beauty practically in anything – so, here it is a blade of grass. I believe that there isnt a need for exotic objects, exotic faces, or exotic locations to make pics. The fun is in simplifying; in eliminating the clutter.

So, here’s a set of  pics of a blade of grass. Hopefully you will enjoy them.

More of my photography work:

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18 Responses to “Just a blade of grass”

  1. The best things are always to be right around you. Whether they are images to click or the good things in life.

  2. this is the best lesson that photography has taught me..to see beauty in things around you

  3. Loved them. Especially the first pic. Its such a fine shot!

  4. Agree Mumabi paused, amar. :)

    Thanks Aakarsh.

  5. I have been following you on FB and totally enjoying/admiring your work Chitra. I totally agree, the simplest of things can bring into our lives – the most joyful moments. Love your macros.

  6. I agree ..beauty is in evrything around us… we just sometimes are blind .. for we get lost in thoughts, preachings of a beauty that is very idealistic and centred more often than not on things we haven’t seen but just dream of :)

  7. it’s beauty lies in its simplicity. great shot!

  8. Great WORK Madam… Luv your photoshots… GR8… Keep it coming… :-)

  9. Thanks Dithi. Glad you like my work.

    Agreed, Sindhu. :)

    Sharon, thanks.

    Naveen, thanks – thanks also for always being appreciative. :)

  10. simply superb work chitra its amazing.
    a good start for the day have a great day

  11. lovely!

  12. Dear Chitra,

    Love your blog,life stories and pictures.
    Just wanted to take a minute to conratulate you on your lovely website and pictures.


  13. Lovely Pictures

  14. The first picture truly intrigued me :-). Nice picture. I like that you take pictures of people and also objects found in everyday life.

  15. thanks you very much, folks. :)
    very kind of you all to stop by and say a few words.

  16. You have picked a simple thing n made it one of beauty. Lovely stuff Chitra :)

  17. thanks kits :)

  18. Loved your blog, especially photos on this post. Lovely capture.

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