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Perhaps my first …. hmm maybe my second … tag on this site. I remember doing one on flickr – writing 16 things about myself. Now, I need to do 7 things about myself. I am thinking I will do a new set of 7, however, there maybe a few things that I will need to repeat ‘coz without them, I may not be telling about the ‘core’ me.

Thanks to a friend and blogger, Divs, who tagged me here. So, some 7 things about me …..

  1. I am a visual and a wordy person. While I enjoy photography, I enjoy writing too.
  2. I value a good night’s sleep. I dont need too many hours of sleep; usually I am good with about 5 hours of sleep. However, those 5 hrs of sleep are precious and to ensure that those hours are easy, I try and not carry over negative feelings or frustrations. I am mostly light-hearted and pleasant-minded at the end of the day. This hasnt come easy, but after many years of learning many simple lessons.
  3. My marriage has been one of the best things that has happened to me. And to my husband and me, it is more about being ourselves and being friends with each other than about anything else. It has never been about playing ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ roles.
  4. I am neither into chocolates nor into ice-creams.
  5. I am a huge fan of the movies, but EXTREMELY selective of what I watch. Also, it is impossible to get me to say something is ‘good’ unless the movie really appeals to me in more ways than one. I attribute some of life’s lessons to the movies. You will find a list of the movies I like on my ‘About’ page.
  6. I am not a ritualistic person. I mostly do things that I can feel for. Things I cant make sense of or relate to, typically you wont find me doing those. It mostly comes down to being able to answer oneself.
  7. If I have to pick any one thing that I completely believe in, then it would have to be ‘Love‘.

Here’s one pic from my archives to wind this post up. Why? Well, coz I am a visual person. *smiles

And why this particular image? To me, it signifies ‘simplicity’ and I value that very highly….

Clarity of thought - Chitra Aiyer Photography

As for tagging other bloggers, I tag Shalini, Niranj, Ramya, Vamsee, Meenakshy, Vijay, Vineetha, Arthi, Monika, Charu, Deepthi, Lakshmi, Vibha, Roopa, Kirthi, Aarti, Shashi. I hope all of you will write 7 things about yourself; would love to read about you. Thanks in advance, folks.

Here are the rules:

  1. Tag seven people (yeah, I know – I tagged more …. Hard to pick just 7!)
  2. Link their pages in your tag post
  3. Leave a comment in their comments section telling them they’ve been tagged
  4. In your post, mention the person who tagged you and link her page
  5. Write 7 things about yourself.

9 Responses to “Tag – 7 things about myself”

  1. Simplicity – The best.
    Keep writing.

  2. Oh lord Shalini had tagged me earlier and that itself I found difficult to write about…:) Thanks so much and lovely to know more about you :)

  3. It’s been ages since I did a tag….sounds like fun.

    Your simplicity comes across well in your words and especially your pictures.

    Lol, Kits :-)

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  5. Thanks for taking up the tag Chitra! Better late than never :-) I can so relate to 3, 4,6 and 7. And I think I’d like to be like you on # 2 where I sleep with no negative feelings about anything or anyone. It is the one thing I am striving to get at these days. Good to learn so much more abt you :-)

  6. Thanks, folks.

    Yes, Shalini and Kits, do take it up. :)

    Divs, we have so much in common! :)

  7. Nice. Tag on

  8. thanks for tagging, I think I have done this tag before let me see if i can find it else will do it again 😉

  9. Wow! I can’t believe that tag memes on blogs are still around. It is quite good to know more about you. Point #2 is the one I find quite interesting. I cherish my sleep too! Long uninterrupted slumber of atleast 7 hours. Anything else and I wake up cranky!

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