The mirror has two faces – love, life, and nothing else

I am always happy when I run into good movies, by chance or unexpectedly, more than planning on something and watching it with the agenda of watching. I dont need too much sleep and am good with about 5-6 hours of good sleep. So, typically, I am up very early and sometimes, it is really early. So, I get some ‘me’ time watching the movies on TV. The good thing about it is, in India you are likely to run into some really nice movies at unearthly hours – coz typically you have nothing to watch at prime time! The husband and I turn the TV on only at around 9 pm, when the kids are already asleep, or at least in bed. He is mostly also working. Anyway, very very rarely have we run into really good movies then! And surprisingly, I have run into many a good ones at 4 and 5 am! Anyway …. the point of this post is the movie I happened to watch early this morning. I have always run into this one at the most weird hours, when it is in fact a nice movie that should be on at prime time. Anyway, it is ‘The mirror has two faces’, starring Barbara Streisand and Jeff Bridges. The movie is nice but is not in my top 50 or anything. The movie always amuses me and I have enjoyed the warmhearted performance of Barbara in this one.Her character is really such a beautiful person.

Above all, I really like the lighting and skin tones – a nice enjoyable movie. This post isnt to discuss the story or to even review the movie. There’s always imdb for that. :) The gist is about finding the ‘right’ person and staying happy in that relationship. Just that this one has a big twist in it, which is also a good source for amusement.

Anyway … really, what is to life if it isnt about being in love … and if it isnt about being in love with that one person … and staying committed? I dont know if there should be anything more.

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  1. Nice post. The movie I came across in such a manner is Barbara Hershey and Bette Midler’s, Beaches. I just love the song and think the whole premise about a strong connection with somebody you love that it transcends time and space is wonderful. Midler’s voice is so strong and I love that phrase, the wind beneath my wings. Thanks for reminding me of my off-chance movie.

    Along with that I saw The Secret Window, while packing my husband’s suitcase! Forgot the packing and sat and watched the entire movie. I have mentioned it once before I think on your site :-). I enjoy his acting and of course it does not hurt that he looks gorgeous 😉

  2. I have watched both. Beaches, many many times. It used to be on HBO in the US often. I loved it. Cant watch it anymore I think. Coz i have already watched it too many times.

    Secret window was good the first time coz o the build up, but the end really was nothing much. Whoo hoo, so you like Depp, is it? Nice to know. 😉

  3. ya.. this one is a pleasant watch. And this prime time thing is nothing but a joke.. loads of Ads and crap. Seems like they play nice movies only 11:00 pm onwards :)

  4. and i like the Brian Adams and Barbara’s love song :)

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