My daughter’s spirit

We just got back from our road trip to my native place, a little place deep within the western ghats in Kerala, and a bunch of places, also in Kerala. It was beautiful trip – brought me close to my childhood, touched many layers of my emotions, and helped me share little things from my childhood with the kids. I have spent many long summer vacations in my native place and consider it home in many respects. I truly get a sense of belonging with this little village from where my dad hails. More pics and posts about the trip itself later. Hopefully, I will get down to writing. (I still have many posts pending from our earlier trips and outings.)

Amongst the many stops, we also went to the Chavakkad beach, near Guruvayoor, after the temple visit. This beach isnt touristy in any sense of the word. We also went there in the mid-morning, when there were just some fishermen and boys on the beach.

Map picture

The kids love the beach and any given opportunity to take them there, we do. The daughter especially comes absolutely alive when she is at the beach – there isnt a single moment when she stands still.

Here are some pics that I have captured just of her spirit. Hope you enjoy them. Nothing’s changed from when she was little and I had captured her free spirit here.

I love how tiny she is here – without a care, and one with it all….

I love the beach myself, but now as a mom, the joy is in simply watching her in the waters. Yes, I have a son too. Will post more pics from the beach later that will have more of him too. :)

Considering how much she loves the waters, I wonder if Bangalore really is where she should be growing up. It is a different thing that we manage to take the kids to some beach or the other at least 5 times a year….

PS: All pics used here are mine. Please do not copy them in any form.

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  1. lovely post. lovely kids and lovely parents ,….

  2. Lovely pics, follow all of your work! When is the moment we change from children to adults and stop frolicking n the sand and water???? May your daughter stay young forever and continue to run and skip on the beach all her life!

  3. :) I love her.. I love her spirits… I almost jumped off seeing her.. We need to plan up a beach trip together sometime.

  4. Oh what a lovely series! Vacation and going back in time. Sigh!! Wonderful. Like I say, you can take the girl out of the water but not the other way around. I loved loved loved Marina Beach. Went rarely but enjoyed it. Just this Sunday we went to Bald Eagle State Park where we have a large lake with a small beach area. I took my shoes off and waded right in. To look at the little fish going in schools is pure bliss. Landlocked me loved every minute of it. Enjoy the pleasure the kids get out of running in the beach. You are giving her the freedom and for her you are the sense of trust and security and her anchor. She will fly high! Best wishes to both your kids.

  5. Dear Chitra,
    Your words reminded me also of the good old days when we all met during summer breaks in Thichoor, it is still one of my favorite places. The beach pictures are awesome, love it. Hugs to the kids. Love your posts and pics. Keep them coming.

  6. Thanks Amar.

    Thanks for your kind blessings, Kamini.

    Sure, lets – We can do Guruvayoor+Chavakkad. :)

    Thanks for sharing, My3. I am glad you had fun.
    Thanks also for your words.

    Jyoti, yes, those were very different days, and from a completely different era. Those memories are fresh in my mind and will forever remain secure in my heart. I am hoping to give the kids a sense of how things were. Unfortunately for me, the old house is no more, and I have no pics of it too. Not sure how I can get them to imagine it all! sigh

  7. Hi Chitra,
    Awesome pictures! Naturally serene, picturesque sea shores, calm surrondings, all adding to the beauty of the location…….We are awaiting some more of such lovely articles from you, Chitra….the write-up refreshed my memory as well, bringing back pleasant memories of our visit to Guruvayoor, Trivandrum and the surrounding places. The Chavakkad beach certainly has a uniqueness to it….feels great to see your daughter in her holiday mood…my best wishes to you and your family……

  8. Amazing Pictures!! Really loved them!

  9. […] during this last trip to Kerala (see daughter at the beach and Athirapally falls), our last stop was at Palghat, where I have my maternal uncle. So, as we […]

  10. Oh u from Thrissur?

  11. thanks folks. :)

    Jidhu, well technically, I am from Bangalore. My parents are from little towns in Thrissur district.

  12. Super Chithra..just now saw your blog and for the past half an hour, I was reading those ..really liked it :)

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