Our love for the frangipani

At the Rishi Valley campus (about the visit in the previous post), as we started our little trek up to the sunset point of ‘asthachal’, the daughter and I spotted 2 big frangipani trees. We could also see that many of the beautiful flowers had fallen on the ground.

Frangipani, ASthachal, Rishi valley - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Our joy knew no bounds. Really, there are very few things for which my heart could skip a beat. And frangipani is one of the few exclusive things. The story goes way back….

My first joys of experiencing these beautiful flowers was in my paternal grandparents’ home, set deep within the western ghats in Kerala. I remember sitting on the long front porch, near the tree as dusk set in and these beautiful flowers would spread their fantastic fragrance in the dark air. Oh, how much I loved it then. The next morning I would spot the new flowers high up in the tree … and to see the beautifully formed white and yellow flowers was such a joy. I am talking of a time when I was less than 10 years old. To me, the frangipani flowers still remind me of those long gone summer evenings that were filled with their beautiful, and now nostalgia-inducing, fragrance.

As we neared the trees, we saw the pretty flowers everywhere around the trees. Frangipani, ASthachal, Rishi valley - Chitra Aiyer Photography

It was clear that the 2 trees were planted there thoughtfully – they made the entraceway to the ‘asthachal’. The 2 trees were different, one was the white and pink flowers and the other was the more common white and yellow flowers. They differ in their appearance and fragrance – both beautiful.

Frangipani, ASthachal, Rishi valley - Chitra Aiyer Photography

Frangipani, ASthachal, Rishi valley - Chitra Aiyer Photography

We found a couple of them in a little rain water in the rock.

Frangipani, ASthachal, Rishi valley - Chitra Aiyer Photography Frangipani, ASthachal, Rishi valley - Chitra Aiyer Photography

My daughter wanted to pick the ones on the ground – we went to asthachal promising her that we would let her do that on our way back. When we returned, she went about gently picking a handful of them. I noticed her at this little gateway, doing something with the flowers.

Frangipani, ASthachal, Rishi valley - Chitra Aiyer Photography

I came back to find them lined up in a neat row.

Frangipani, ASthachal, Rishi valley - Chitra Aiyer Photography

To me, it is always heart-warming to see her love for these flowers. Just a little commonality that she and I perhaps may hold dear.

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  1. This is fantastic. Dream like quality.

  2. wow, a simple but lovely post.

    Even i love these flowers, I first remember seeing them at Adyar in the lawns of a hospital where my sister was born. I was exactly 6 years old and hospitals those days were not multistoreyed like these days and it had a huge lawn( durgabai Deshmukh hospital) at adyar,chennai.

    I and my daughter still pick them up when i see them now near a temple at Sec’bad. I pick them and put them in a uruli and enjoy their beauty for 2-3 days. There is also an other flower which smells beautiful and resembles this flower. It is totally green in color. I don’t know it’s english name but it is called manoranjitam in Tamil. Hmmm… the fragrance lingers still.

    Sorry for my long comment/short post but I had to share when i saw your post. Needless to say your clicks are excellent making them look real.

  3. beautiful and so refreshing collection of pictures

  4. Catching up on your posts Chitra. Awesome would be an understatement.

  5. […] At the sunset point, the Asthachal, the kids putting their feet into some collected rain water. She even has a frangipani in her hair. Like mother, like daughter – she shares my love for the beautiful flowers. Will dedicate a separate post about these at the valley (Read here – Our love for the frangipani). […]

  6. thank you very much ,dear folks.

    good to see you back here, choxbox

  7. Beautiful pictures.

    For the longest time, I used to think these flowers were vanilla.

  8. Brilliant captures. I cannot make my mind up, which is my favorite photograph. I love Frangipani/Champa and have grown a plant here in Canada. A record of sorts. :-)

  9. The pics makes a lovely sight and visually pleasing and refreshing the mood :)

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