For you, a thousand times over

Just finished watching the movie, ‘The Kite Runner’. What a well made movie. While I have read the book and enjoyed the book too, the movie really made an impression on me. Beautiful narration, pace, cinematography, cast, and lovely, lovely picture tones. Overall, awesome.

I enjoyed the book too – especially the first half. Loved reading about Kabul, how it was, the lives people led, and the overall narration. But the book kind of got too windy and dramatic in the second half and sort of lost me. However, the movie keeps a good pace and weans away from the over-dramatisation, keeping things almost to the minimal and I loved that. Beautiful direction of such a famous book – not an easy thing to do.

The casting was near perfect. Every scene was perfect too.

The loyalty in the story is what is really touching. As is the pride and self respect. I really liked the character of Amir’s father. Very old school and yet very loving. Amir was really blessed to have been surrounded by such nice people though out. It is also sad that he didnt stand up for anything or anybody until the end. It was very heart-breaking to have his friend/servant boy turn back and say, “for you, a thousand times over” when he had to run and bring back the kite, the kite that they had cut during the kite flying competition.

The best thing about the book and the movie too is the peek that we get into the old Kabul, the Kabul that is now gone. One of the best things about the movie is the picturisation of the flying kites. Really amazing. Wonder how they managed the camera work.

And to learn that the Russians cut off all the tress – and for the heck of it! Russians keep making it harder and harder to be liked, and I dont mean just in this story.

For Kabul and its people, I wish they get to go back to how they lived. To their past glory and peace. Too much to ask?

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  1. I would want to watch this :)

  2. I first read the book – actually a while after it was released. I think I read ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ first. I had no ideas that there was a movie made on the book till someone I knew mentioned about it. I felt they did a lot of justice to the book (a few details omitted, but that was OK) than most other movies. Echoing what you have written, yes, the peek into Old Kabul was pretty awesome, casting was perfect! Great movie, one of the my favorites. :)

  3. The movie was good. But the book was brilliant !

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