The road trip to Hyderabad

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The trip to Hyderabad was a long pending one – husband’s aunt who has been there for 3 years had been inviting us to pay a visit. Also, recently, the daughter at school got a small comprehension worksheet about the Laad bazaar and its bangles. The last question in the sheet was to find out about points of interest in Hyderabad. When she was working on the project, I helped her look up Hyderabad on wikipedia. We listed out a few things for her write-up, but read up about everything else. There was one thing that fascinated her – the Salar Jung museum; the fact that there was a museum simply to house one man’s collection!

So, anyway, come Christmas vacations, and I was very clear about taking the kids to Hyderabad. The husband loves to drive and the 2 of us love road trips. Hyderabad seemed far fetched with the kids, considering the distance. But one of my friends had done this and said that it was easily doable. So, off we went at the start of the vacations …

Will do more posts in the days to come about each of our stops and things we did. Do watch this space.

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  1. Wonderful! Even though Hyderabad is so close, I have never been there. Now I shall journey with you :). It is great that you foster their natural curiosity. Now they will always remember Salar Jung and when they visit the other museums they will try and note the similarities with this one. Keep writing.

  2. Fantastic photo. I’ve never been to Hyderabad, but my hubby was born there! Must visit sometime.

  3. Oh yes!. The city where i Live for the past 8 years is a lovely city with a nizami flavor. Waiting to see it through your lens!

  4. Glad you made it to H’bad Chitra…I told you it wasn’t that bad of a road trip eh? Looking forward to read abt your road stops so that we can keep them in mind going forward.

  5. […] as promised in the previous post – here’s the first of the posts about the trip. We hit the road after breakfast the first day […]

  6. […] is the comprehension worksheet about the Laad bazaar, which the daughter got at school that got me planning our Hyderabad trip. Will post about the Laad bazaar […]

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