Attitude Shift, Shashikant Joshi


One of my friends, Shashi Joshi has recently finished authoring the book – Attitude Shift. Attitude Shift is Sanskrit wisdom for contemporary life and leadership. Very relevant to many spheres of today’s life.

Shashi is a Sanskrit enthusiast; he shares his infectious joy of Sanskrit wisdom, both practical and spiritual, through his blog and a rapidly growing Facebook community called Practical Sanskrit.
He holds a BTech from IIT Kharagpur and an MS from University of Minnesota, USA in Comp Sci. He is an IT veteran.

In the book ‘Attitude Shift’, he revisits, explains and interprets ancient Sanskrit maxims for contemporary life and leadership. Powerful ideas are introduced in a conversational style, small bites. There are no quantitative charts, diagrams and dry statistics — just stories, anecdotes and enough trivia crumbs to keep you engaged.

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What’s more? The book ships for free to anywhere in the world. The soft copy is available for Kindle too. The book isnt in stores.

You can order directly from the website for FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Visit

The book is very reasonably priced and I am sure you will have much to take away from the book.

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4 Responses to “Attitude Shift, Shashikant Joshi”

  1. Thank you Chitra. Many have ordered as well.

    I am sure once people see the print copy in hand, they will find the one-a-page format gelling nicely with the small cups of coffee in offices, which don’t last for more than 2-3 minutes :)

  2. I agree, Shashi, I really like the print version – so concise and so appealing. I wish you the best. Lets hope the best for the book.

  3. Dear Chitra
    I want to thank you for introducing Shashikant’s wonderful book to us. Today I read most of it. My rusty Sanskrit had a field day with the pronunciation. What a book! Wonderful. Most of it is basic common-sense. But when presented so lucidly with so much of culture and history it is awesome. I will give it to my college-student to read and return to me. I read a saying at home to the boys. It is really a wonderful wonderful book. Thanks again for introducing me to the book. It arrived by insured post.


  4. Oh I am glad, My3. Will definitely let Shashi know. :)

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