Bangalore’s Thindi Beedhi – Food Street

Thindi Beedhi or ‘Food Street’ is located in V. V. Puram – the street hosts a variety of food stalls where you get some delicious vegetarian food on all evenings from about 6.30 pm onwards. I had never been there, and on a recent Sunday was my first visit with my husband and another couple, […]

Dr. Arvind Shenoi, our pediatrician

A few months ago, I had written a post asking readers to refer good pediatricians practicing in Bangalore. And there were many responses, thanks to all you folks who referred the peds you liked. Since then, I have had many questions from other readers about whom I had chosen and what my experiences were. For […]

Ugadi at Hallimane

The restaurant Hallimane, in Malleswaram is known for its true Karnataka cuisine. We have been there a few times times for lunch and snacks and have liked the way they try and keep the taste simple and authentic. For Ugadi, Karnataka’s New Year, the restaurant announced that it was offering a Ugadi spread yesterday and […]

Real life stories #1

I know of an old couple who live by themselves in a typical Bangalore neighborhood. I will call them uncle Y and aunty U. Uncle Y is 80 now and aunty U is 70! And in spite of aunty’s occasional health scares, the two of them managed to take care of their own affairs and […]

Life, death, and everything in between

Being a fairly young Indian couple in the US, hub and I were friends with people in similar age groups. In fact, I think the oldest person we were friends with in the US was in his late 30s! I doubt if we socialised with anybody in their 40s or older! This was not by […]